Sunday, December 18, 2011

'Tis the season to be saving, fa la la la la la la la la

Store #1-CVS

Select varieties character band-aids $2.99
Use $.50/1 band-aid brand product
Pay $2.50

Ricola Cough Drops, on sale 2/$3
Use 2 $1/1 Ricola
Pay $1

Est. Reg. Retail Price $8
Total Before Coupons/ECB: $6
I started with $3 (and $2 but I didn't need to use it) Extra bucks from last week so,
Out of pocket cost: $.50 plus tax. If you had no ECB to start, you would pay $3.50 + tax.
I recieved $3 in Extra bucks from this purchase.

Store #2-Rite Aid

Transaction #1
3 Nivea Lip Care, on sale $2 each
Use $3/2 mfr coupon from insert
and use $1/1 internet printable coupon HERE

3 Orbit Gum (or other variety, see ad) on sale $1 each
Use $.25/1 from Rite Aid Video Values printable store coupon

1 Trident layers gum, on sale $1 each
Use $.50/1 from Rite Aid Video Values

1 Lysol Healthy Touch Hand System, on sale $7.99
Use $5/1 Rite Aid Video Values
and use $.75/1 mfr coupon HERE

2 Christmas Peeps, on sale 2/$1
Use $1/2 internet printable (if you printed it when it was available)

2 $1 Stocking stuffers, reg price (I chose Disney kids' playing cards)

*Est Regular Retail Price $29.00
Before Coupons total: $20.99
After Coupons (I didn't have any +up to start with) (oop total):$9.49 before tax
+up back: $5

Transaction 2:
Est. Reg. Price: $15.00
3 Coke 12 packs @ 3/9.99
Used $5 in +up rewards from last transaction
Paid OOP:$4.99 +tax
Recieved $2 back in +Up rewards

Store #3

2 packs Viva brand paper towels @ 2/$12
Use $3/2 coupon in the Walgreens December coupon book (free to everyone,
these are upfront by the ads in a display stand)
I'm sure there are mfr coupons out there, I just didn't have any

2 bottles Welch's Grape Juice, on sale @ 2/$6
Use the coupon in the ad to get the 2/$6 price (it does not have to be clipped out)
And use 2 $1/1 64 oz Welch's grape juice coupon

4 Nice! 1lb butters or Oscar Mayer Ready to eat bacon @2/$5
Use in ad coupon to get this price

3 Campbells Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soup, sale $.69 each
Use in ad coupon to get this price
**the only mfr coupon I had was for wyb 4 cans, the $.69 price was lmt of 3, so
in this case, there are no known mfr coupons that would work.

5 Hot Wheels Cars, sale price $.59
Use in ad coupon to get this price

1 5 count Zyrtec, $6.99 reg price
*I used my FREE (or $7 off other count) 5 count Zyrtec from a giveaway
a while back. I've been hanging on to it for months and it was about to expire
on the 31st.

It came to $59 regular retail price. (crazy huh??? I will NEVER pay regular
retail price again, hahahahaha)
I used the add coupons and it brought it down to $40, and then used
my "$15 off any $30 or greater purchase" jingle cash from last week.
Then I used my $7 off Zyrtec coupon, and the two $1 welches coupons
and it came down to $16 plus tax.

So total today I spent $30.99, and I still have $5 in various rewards back to use next time!!
If I had paid regular price, no coupons or anything it would have been $113.

Seriously????? $113 plus tax. Who would pay that much????
Guess what! If you don't use coupons and shop sales, YOU DO!!!!

I hope this offers you some encouragement to try couponing and to see what you can do to
stretch your money. After all, you work hard for it and I'm sure you don't want to
throw it away. And I will say this, I probably spent a half hour this time (for big grocery trips it's more) time
preparing for this. I just looked at the match ups online and pulled out what coupons I had for the things I needed.
I made a list, put the list and the coupons in an envelope and stuck to the list when I shopped. That is another big tip.
Don't deviate from your list because that is how they will get you paying more money! I have heard it said that couponers average
$80 an hour for the amount of time spent to save money. So for every hour you put into to, you will save an average of $80.
I challenge you to try it! I would love to help you get started and am happy to answer any questions you may have about how I have saved
THOUSANDS over the last year alone.

God bless you and yours and Merry Christmas!!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CVS deals of the week

So it is getting close to Christmas, and I know I am going to be doing some major shopping over the next week and a half, getting ready for it. I am hitting up each of the major drugstores and Kroger over the next few days trying to find the best deals on the things I need. I will go ahead and list my shopping lists and the coupons I am using, and maybe it will help some of you also.
**Also, bear in mind that these are the coupons I have, but it is hard to keep track of WHERE I got them. Just remember that if you think there is ANY realm of possibility that you might use it, it's best to clip it or print it when you have the chance. Otherwise you are likely to forget it is there in the insert, or they may run out of prints online. The sources I use for printable coupons are:,, facebook pages for the brand. The website of the store itself will also have either printable coupons of coupons to load to the store loyalty card.

Ok, so here's what's on my shopping list for CVS

Buy 1 Combos snacks (lim. 1 ecb), @$2
Buy 2 Mentos UP2U gum, $1.49 (listed as b1g1 free)
Buy 1 Blistex @ $.99
Use .55/1 coupon
Buy 1 Axe Holiday Gift Set @ $9.99
Use $3/1 Axe gift set coupon from last Sundays SS insert
Buy 2 Duracell Batteries (lim. 1 ecb) @ 9.99 each
(16 pk AA or AAA, or 8pk C or D are included)
Use $1.50/1 coupon from last Sunday's SS insert
and use .75/1 coupon
Buy 3 American Greetings Cards, est price between $.99 and $1.99 each
(limit 1 ecb deal wyb3; could be a possibly money maker, depending on on the price.)
Use $2 off wyb 3 American Greetings Cards (no price specified.

Total (w/o tax)
Total after coupons and $2 I had to start with: $28.61
Receive $12 back in ECB!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rain Check!

So first of all, let me say this: Rite Aid has GOT to be one of my favorite places to shop at. While they always have very limited quantities, they are very good about honoring rain checks and I have never had a problem with them at all. They are very friendly and very willing to help you with anything you need- ie. finding certain items, etc. That being said, many times, especially when I have to go later in the week, I often can't get the items that I want because someone else has beaten me to it. The plus side is that they will give you a rain check for those items to come back in and get it up to 30 days later. Another benefit to the rain check is that you actually get the up+ reward amount taken off the total.

So, everything I bought tonight was with a rain check certificate from last week. Also, be sure to ask for whatever the limit is as noted in the ad. Plus, if you go in with your rain check and they don't have all that you wanted but they have some-you can get some and they will just mark off what you were able to buy and you can get the rest later.

Here's how I did it.

The case of luvs diapers were regularly $17.99.
The Arm and Hammer spin brush pro was regularly $8.99 each, and I bought 2.
The Spinbrush my way kids toothbrush was regularly $7.49 each, and I bought 2.
The baby Orajel was $6.99 and I bought 2.
The Arm and Hammer detergent was $6.99 regularly and I bought 4.
That comes to:

-The Luvs diapers were on sale after up reward for $12.99 (which was the price they gave on the rain check).
-The Spin brush, My Way Brush, and Orajel products were on b1g1 free promotion, AND when you bought $10 worth you got $5 back. So what they did was charged me for 1 of the matching items, and took $5 off the total. Even better!!!! (*Rolling your up rewards would work similar to this, but this just makes it easier!)
-The arm and hammer detergents were on sale for 2/$4.

That already dropped it down to $37.46
Then I used 2 coupons for $1 off 1 spin brush, 2 coupons for $1 off 1 Orajel product (these were printable), 2 coupons for $1 off 1 my way toothbrush, and 2 coupons for $1 off wyb 2 arm and hammer. So that took another $8 off. Plus I had $11 in Up rewards from the items I did get last week. So that brought it down to $18 and it was just a little more after tax. All in all I did AMAZING!!! So that just goes to show you-don't be disappointed when you find the shelves have been cleared. Just get a rain check!

How to score MEGA with the Mega Sale!

So I had the chance to stock up on alot of canned goods this past week that I am very excited about. This just goes to show you that it is WORTH the wait to hold out for rock bottom prices and buy all that you can afford to buy before it will expire. For this particular trip, I was looking to restock not only my pantry but my church's as well. My church has a food pantry that is particularly scare this time of year. As a quick side note, especially with this time of year, please be mindful of those less fortunate. Most of us are very blessed to not have to go hungry. I have a stockpile I can go to for cereal and snacks and my kids are far from starving (although that seems to be their favorite catch phrase when the stomach starts to growl.) Also, if you can, I HIGHLY recommend donating to your local food pantry or even just someone you know who may need a little extra help feeding their family this holiday season. I know we are going to help deliver meals this thanksgiving to families in our community. Things like that are a great way to help others and that's a big part of my relationship with God I am trying to work on-serving. Anyways.

So, as far as savings go- I'll go ahead and share one of the pictures I took of the pantry before I divided the food up.

I ended up getting over $260 worth of groceries for just $125! It included 15 bags of frozen veggies, 10 healthy choice meals, 20 cans of chicken/beef broth, 10 cans of Campbells cream of chicken/mushroom soup, 20 boxes of Annie's Organic Mac N cheese, 2 boxes of velveeta, 10 cases of capri suns, 2 boxes of stove top stuffing, 2 boxes of ritz, american cheese, and 30 cans of vegetables. So see, you really can save a ton if you just stock up at the lowest price. I probably won't have to buy many of those items again all winter!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Round 2!!

Rite Aid Trip

11.99 John Frieda Precision Foam Hair color (reg. price)
Select John Frieda products 6.99 regular price SALE PRICE $5

($5 up+ rewards when you buy 2 John Frieda products!)

Cloraseptic $ 6.49 SALE PRICE $3.99
(receive $3.99 up+ wyb 1)

12 pack coke @$5.39ea reg. SALE PRICE $3.25
(receive $2 up+ wyb 4 cases)

I bought 1 john frieda hair color, 3 john frieda shampoo/conditioners, and I used
three $2 john frieda items.
I didn't use any other coupons other than that, just scanned my rite aid card and paid $39. I saved $17, but I also got another $15 back in up+! So it's like I spent $25 on all this!!!

Plus they were out of most of the other free stuff (after up+) so I got rain checks. Rite Aid is probably my favorite place to get rain checks because unlike Walgreens or CVS, you get the item for whatever the price is AFTER the up+. So anything advertised as FREE after up+ is actually free with NO money out of pocket. *Sometimes If I am tight on cash, I will actually wait till the end of the week to go there, hoping that I can get rain checks. Is that bad? That's not bad, is it? LoL. BUT, since I didn't get the actual items today, here are what you can get for free/super cheap without even using coupons! The Cold and flu season is upon us and Rite Aid has the best deals around this week on cold meds!!

CVS brand Instant Hand sanitizer, 8 oz FREE ( or $1 and receive $1 up+)
Burts Bees Throat Drops , 20 oz FREE (Pay $1.49 and receive $1.49 back in up+)
Highland's DEFEND Cold and Cough $5.99 (Receive $5 back in up+)
Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment
Cepacol Throat drops FREE (Pay $2.50 receive $2.50 back in up)
Prep. H totable wipes FREE (or Pay $3 and receive $3 back in up+)
NeilMED Nasamist Spray FREE (Pay $5 receive $5 back in up+)
Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste 4/$5 Sale price (I know I have coupons for this so I'm going to have to go back before tomorrow)
Zarbee's All Natural Children's Cough Syrup $5.99 (submit info from your receipt online and Rite Aid will give you a $5.99 Single Check Rebate)
Ocean Saline Nasal Spray $.99 (Pay $2.50 and receive $1.50 in up)

**Also, take note of limits in the ad. If it says limit 2 or limit one, that is PER deal not total you are allowed. So if it says Limit 1 per Household under the cepacol, you can buy more than 1 but only 1 will print a up+. You can still receive Up+ for other items too, just only 1 (or whatever the limit is ) per deal.

I got some good deals @CVS too, but I didn't really feel like shopping around, as I had most of what I needed at that point. If you haven't signed up for an Extra care card at CVS, you need too! They are free and it's really quick. Then, when you get home, enter your card number and phone # etc online and they will email you coupons. Like I got about $10 worth of coupons in my email (I had a $3 off my total purchase, $3 off $10 worth of cosmetics, $2 off dial body wash/lotion/soap (made the deal in the ad even better) and I was able to get a nice eyeliner, 2 bottles of nail polish, and the bodywash for very cheap. Plus I got $$ back in Extra bucks!

Fall Savings

So, life has been super busy for us this year. I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post, but I can assure you, I have been saving $$$ all this time!! We've just been really busy with the kids' school this year, and it has been crazy. Anyways, since it's been so long, I figure I am overdue for a huge sale posting. I am going to be scoring some deals today and posting as I go. First stop was Walgreens, and I spent a little over $30 for almost $100 (reg price before sales, clearance and coupons) worth of products!! That being said, here's the breakdown of it. I will be posting lots of other deals as the day goes by as I'm going to hit all the drugstores today!

2 boxes of Cheerios (14 oz) $4.79 reg. price sale 2/$5 (use $1/2 walgreens coupon from book and use $1/2 cheerios coupon)
Final Price: 2 big boxes for $3

Halls Warm ups throat drops (reg. price unknown) sale price $1 (Receive $1 back in RR)

Revlon Beauty Tools 40% off
1 Pummice Stone reg. $3.99 price
1 Nail clippers $2.99 reg. price
1 Emery Boards $1.49 reg. price
1 Revlon Tweezers $1.99 reg. price (I used four $1/1 Revlon Beauty tools coupons, so the most I paid for any of these was $1.40!)

2 Up2U gum $1.49 reg. Use $1/2 coupon from the Walgreens coupon book and use two $1/1 mfr coupons --wish I had more of these coupons!!!
Final Price: 2 for Free!!

Clorox Clean Up 32 oz Spray sale price 2/$6
Use a $1 off 2 mfr coupon and the $2 off 2 coupon from the book
Final Price: 2/$3

Soft Soap Body Wash (18 oz) Reg. Price $4.49 Sale Price 2/$6
Use $2 off 2 coupon off Softsoap from Walgreens Book
And Use two $.75/1 mfr coupons for softsoap bodywash
Final Price: $1.25 each when you buy 2!

Walgreens Paper Plates 72 count Reg price $1.69 (I think)
Use Walgreens AD coupon to make them $1.19 each, limit 3

Campbells Tomato or Chicken noodle soups, limit 3
Use in ad coupon to make them $.69 each
And use printable $.40 off 3 printable coupon from

*My Walgreens also had several scotch tapes clearanced out to $1.49 so I bought several as I'll be wrapping Christmas presents before long.

I also got a ton of Makeup for Cheap. Right Now they have their Covergirl makeup on sale b1g1 1/2 off. The PG ad from a couple weeks ago had coupons for $8 off of 2 Covergirl Face makeup products. If you look for the cheapest thing, and match it with the 1/2 off, it's possible to get them for free. Now, I will say this: I have heard different things about the meaning of "face makeup". Some take it to mean anything for your face, so lip, eye, blush, concealer etc because it's all technically your "face"-ie. But No nail polish, no beauty tools. Some have interpreted it as ONLY things like blush, concealer, foundation etc. Just use your best judgment I guess. It's not cool AT ALL to knowingly misuse a coupon. Usually the cashier will notice and say wait up, something isn't right. But sometimes it will still work even though it is for the wrong item. You should know that if you deliberately misuse a coupon, and it still scans to reduce the price, the store will not be reimbursed for that item. So don't think you are really sneaky and getting a deal if you know you are trying to "cheat" the system.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Husbands FTW!

$30 (plus sales tax) for all this!!!!
12 packs of Oscar mayer turkey hot dogs
8 orchard hill frozen fruit juice
5 Post Cocoa Pebbles
6 Post Fruity Pebbles Treats
4 Post Pebbles treats
2 large boxes Honey nut Cheerios

So my sweet husband has been doing my shopping trips all day for me today, as I have been busy at home. This was his first trip with multiple transactions and he did AWESOME!!! Oh yeh, and a total savings of 81%!!!!! WTG babe! :D

HOT Summer Deals!

Walgreens (today is the last day for these deals)

Royal Gelatin 5/$1 (use in ad coupon)
Final Price: $.20 each wyb 5 boxes ***STOCK UP PRICE***

Oscar Mayer ready to eat bacon, $3.99 B1G1 free
Final Price: $2 each when you buy 2

Deerfield Farms butter, 1 lb $3.99 B1G1 free
Final Price: $2 each wyb 2

Act 2 Popcorn, $.25/bag
Final price $.25 ***STOCK UP PRICE***

**Walgreen's does offer Rain checks on all items except register rewards, so if your store is out, GET rain checks.

Other items
Aquafresh kids toothpaste $.99 each
-$1 Aquafresh kids coupon
Final price: FREE! or $.01 Money Maker!! ***STOCK UP PRICE***

Listerine Smart Rinse $2.99
-$1 Listerine Smart Rinse coupon
Pay $2, receive $2 RR back on receipt.

** Also, on a side note: Please remember that you can only receive 1 register reward for each item per transaction. Feel free to do a separate transaction and purchase the item again. You will receive a RR for each time you buy the item in a separate transaction, as long as you do not pay for it with the RR from that item. So, you cannot buy the Listerine, get the $2 back and use that $2 RR if you want to get one from the 2nd purchase. This is confusing, but this is Walgreen's hard and fast rule. You can't roll them on the same items back to back. Also, be courteous to other shoppers. As it is the last day of the week, there may be a limited supply. Please don't buy all 10 left of something just because you can. That is called shelf clearing and while the store may let you, it is best to leave some deals for other shoppers too. Also, be courteous to those in line behind you. If you have several transactions, let the other customers go ahead, or alternate your purchases and get behind them to do the 2nd, 3rd, etc.

Mars Candy Bars 2/$1
Buy 2, get $1 back
Final Price: FREE limit 2

Pepsi 4/$13
Pay $13 get $3 back in ECB
Final Price: $2.50 each ***STOCK UP PRICE***

Nestle Bottled Water 24 pk, $2.88 Limit 3

Dollar General
Luvs Diapers (plastic wrap pack, not box)
$7.50 each
-$2 off store price when you buy 2
Use 2 $1/1 Luvs coupon
Pay $11 for 2 packs!
Final Price: $5.50 each wyb 2


Oscar Meyer Turkey hot dogs 10/$10
-$1 off any 2 oscar meyer hot dogs
Final Price: $.50 each wyb 2 ***STOCK UP PRICE***

Honey Nut Cheerios 2/$5
.55/1 coupon from will double to $1.10 off
(there are several others out there, that's just what I have)
Final Price: $1.40

Old Orchard Frozen Juice Coctails $1
-$1 off 4 printable coupon
Final Price: $.75 each wyb 4

Other awesome deals, no coupons needed:
Dial Handsoap $1
Palmolive dish soap $1
Sparkle Single Paper Towels $1
Vo5 Shampoo or Conditioner $1
Gerber Baby 2nd Foods $1 for the 2 pack, or 1 of the gerber graduates Lil Meals



Coke 12 pk, 3 for $12 *Limit of 6*
Final Price $4 each wyb 3

Deal Scenario Idea:
Buy 3 12 packs of coke
Get 2 Boxes of Ritz Crackers for Free.
Use $1/2 ritz cracker coupon
Pay $11 for 3 12 packs of coke and 2 boxes of Ritz Crackers
Final Price: $2.75 each

Ball Park Franks $2/4
-$1/2 coupon
or $.75/1 printable coupon here
Final Price: $1.50 wyb 2 or as low as $1.25 for 1 using the printable coupon

Vlassic Relish $1
$.55/1 printable coupon that will double
Final Price: FREE or $.10 money maker ***STOCK UP PRICE***

All Laundry Detergent (32 loads) $2.99
-$1 off coupon
Final Price: $1.99 ***STOCK UP PRICE***

Ragu 3/$5
$-1.25 coupon wyb 3
Final Price: $1.25 each wyb 3

Oscar Meyer Lunchables $2
*IF lunchables with fruit is included,
-$1/1 coupon
or $1/1 printable coupon
Final Price: $1 each

International Delight Coffee Creamer, $1.50
.55/1 printable coupon that will double
Final Price: $.40 for 1 ***STOCK UP PRICE***

Gatorade 8 pk, %5.49 each
-$2 off E-coupon loaded to your kroger card HERE wyb 2 packs
Final Price: $9 for 2 (8) packs or .56 a bottle ***STOCK UP PRICE***

Duracell Batteries $4.49
(8 aa or aaa; 4 c or d, 2 9vt)
Final Price $4.49

Pork Chops $2.47/lb
Rib Eye $7.97/lb
Kroger Chicken Quarters .59/lb (in 10 pound bag

Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 18-24 Deals

Sav alot
holten extra value beef patties 1.99 (6 ct)
dozen eggs $.99
jumbo tomato $.99/lb
potatoes $1.49/lb
libby's steam bag .69
dill pickles $1.69
beans $.79
fudgesicles/popsicles 8 ct $1
foam plates 100 ct $2

fresh express salad $.98c
splt ck br. $.97/lb
kelloggs frosted flakes $1.88(kellogs page has a printable q for $1/2)
kelloggs pop tarts $1.88
kelloggs fruit snacks $1.88
special k bars/crackers $1.88
keebler chips deluxe or fudge shoppe $1.88
ocean spray juice $2
land o frost 10 oz meat $2
Tyson Family pk. frozen breaded chk breast or chk strips, setc $6.99
Vlassic pickles 16 oz, $2
Oscar meyer beef franks, $3 (fat free, cheese, or xxl)
purex 24-32 loads $1.99
cottonelle 12 dbl rolls $6.99
hormel completes $2
kids kitchen beans and weiners $1
barilla sauce $2
hungry jack syrup $2.79 (27 oz)
hungry jack mix 28-32 oz $1.79
peter pan pb 3/$5
Cinnamon burst cheerios, 10 oz
Whole grain Total, 10.6 oz
Cookie crisp 11.2 oz
Honey Nut cheerios, 12.25 oz
nature valley granola bars $2.50
Family Size Oreos 24-26 oz $3.48
Chips Ahoy, 24-26 oz $3.48
Nutter butter (10-16 oz) $3
Doritos 11-12 oz bag $2
Welches grape juice 59 oz $3
Eggo waffles, 8 ct $2
Eggo french toast, pancakes $2.50
kid cuisine $1.67
capri sun $2
fresh express salad mix .98

Hefty freezer or storage bags, $3.29 b1g1free (-$1/2 mfr coupon, and -$1/2 wags coupon)


1 Strawberries $1.98/lb
4 Kraft Singles $1.79 (-$1 printable coupon off the 2% kind which is included)
6 Kelloggs cereals (select kinds) $1.98
1 Kroger Eggs $1.77 for 18
1 LAYS POTATO CHIPS Select Varieties, 10-10.5 oz @ $2.18
1 Lawry's Marinade, 12oz - $1.49
Trop50 Juice, 59oz - $2.88
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars - $1.98
Kroger Ground Turkey $1.79/lb.
4 oscar meyer bologna $1
boneless breasts $1.97/lb

Green giant veggies .99
Aunt Jemima pancakes/waffles
Sister Schubert Rolls $1.99
New York Garlic bread $1.99
Tyson Frozen Chicken, select varieties - $3.99
Cool Whip, 8oz - $0.89
Stouffers family size Lasagna $6.99

Friday, May 13, 2011


Ok, so again, sorry for not updating sooner. We are having a crazy busy time right now wrapping up our school year. Hannah's kindergarten graduation is next week. Wow, I can't believe we are halfway through May already! Wild, huh? Anyways, So sorry for not having any pictures here, and if you read the last few posts, I believe I have posted good places to go for Match ups. But I would like to post some of my favorites that you can take advantage of.
*Please bare with me, as I don't have the listing of where I found the coupon, but again those matchups are ALL over, the internet. Check out, or

Kroger-great mega sale last week and continuing through this coming Tuesday.
1)Ronzoni pasta is on sale for .49 each* (HERE or HERE for $1/2 coupons, making them free!!)
2)Mom's Natural Cereal (in organic foods section) .99 each* no coupons needed
3)Silk Almond Milk -Original, Vanilla, or Chocolate $1.99* for a half gallon
printable coupon for up to $1.25 off here
4)Boulder Canyon Potato Chips (in organic foods section) .99 each* and @ there are coupons for $1/1 bag and $1/2 bags. (Be sure to have the installer on your pc first, because you don't want to mess up the chance of printing these!!)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Drugstore Deals!!!

There are some amazing deals to be had this week at your local drugstore!!
This is a pic of just some of what I got at CVS and Walgreens this week. Total on all this was just $19.03!!!!

Here is just a pic of some of the things I got at CVS the other day.
Xtra Detergent $1.47
Kellogg's Raisin Bran $.96
Kellogg's Corn Flakes $1.16
Kellogg's Special K $1.33
(for more info on these deals, see my previous post)

Less than $10 for all this!!!

Kool aid-
10/$1 @ Schnucks on sale price
I had 5 coupons that were buy 10 packs, get 5 free. (From 3/13 Smart Source insert)
I had 5 coupons that were buy 2 packs, get 1 free. (From 3/13 Smart Source insert)
I bought a total of 90 packets (This will last us about a year), I used all my coupons, and I just paid $6.
I am not sure what the regular price was since the tag was covered up, but they
are usually around 5 or 6/$1, so that's a 60% savings.
*At this price, this is a great item to donate to charity!


Russell Stover eggs, Snickers eggs, Butterfinger eggs $.29 each (limit 6 per transaction)
No coupons needed. These make filler items if you need to spend a few extra cents for your extra bucks to be used.

Select varies $5.99
I had two coupons, each read "buy 1 pore strips, get one cleanser free".
They were in the 3/6 Smart Source insert.
Walgreens has a deal where if you buy any 2 @ $5.99 each, you get $5 back for your next purchase.
I bought a cleanser and a pore strips (my store had 14 count as part of the
deal!)I paid just $5.99 and I got a $5 for my next purchase at Walgreens!
Final price: Just $.99 for two!

*If they have plenty, feel free to do another transaction and get the deal again!
Just don't pay for it with your previous $5 from the biore deal, or it will
not print another one for you.

Luster 7 Whitening toothpaste $4.99 (regular $6.99)
I had coupons for $1.50 off 1 lUSTER 7.
Walgreens has a deal where if you buy 1, you get $4 back for your next purchase.
This makes this deal a MONEY MAKER!!!!
Again, this would be a great item to stock up on if your store as plenty. When I
went today, the Walgreens on Church Road had TONS on a little display by cosmetics.
Pay $3.50, get $4 back
Final price: +$.50
*At this price, this is a great item to donate to charity!

Heinz 32 oz. white vinegar $1.99
Use in ad coupon for $1 off (limit 3 uses per coupon)
Match with .50/1 coupon
Printable coupon here for .50/1
(Since Walgreen's allows stacking of one store coupon with
one manufacturer's coupon, you can use both and score it for just .49!
Also, if you aren't aware, you can hit the back button once, after your coupon
prints, and it will print a second time. You could do this two times for each computer in your home. These are great because Easter is coming up and you need this to dye eggs. It also is a great natural cleaner, and these bottles are very large so they are sure to last a while!)
Final Price: 2 for $.99
*At this price, this is a great item to donate to charity!

Ziploc bags $3.29 regular price
Walgreens has a b1g1free coupon in the ad for this week (right next to the vinegar coupon)
Match with a -$1/2 Hefty One Zip 02-20-11 from Red Plum Insert
Final Price: 2 for $2.29

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cheating is for losers!!!!

This is a good time for me to talk about coupon fraud. If you saw me mention the airwick deal earlier, think about this. If you read the Airwick coupons, the ones I read are for "Freshmatic ultra" which are priced at $6, not the Airwick I motion which are priced at $5. If you were to carefully read the coupon, you would see that the coupon for $4 the ultra is not meant for the I-motion. You would end up getting a "great deal" on this, making $6-but you would also be committing fraud! Coupon fraud hurts everyone. It hurts the manufacturer, because they issue coupons to get certain products out there. If you misuse them, they aren't selling more of the products they intended to-therefore stores aren't buying more of them. It hurts stores, because for every misused coupon, they do not get reimbursed for that item, and if they get audited, they could get in big trouble. It hurts us-couponers-because it makes us all look bad, and stores and mfr's have to "crack down" on their use when people consistently and deliberately misuse them.

For more information on this, you can check out what Nathan Engels wrote here on his We Use Coupons forum. (Nathan appeared on the very first TLC Extreme Couponing)

It was recently brought to light that J'aime from last Wednesday's episode of Extreme Couponing on TLC had actually use fraudulent methods to save over $1700 on her grocery bill. She illegally used coupons on purpose, and has apparently been doing this, and teaching this for a while. I hope if you saw or heard about this, you know that it really is easy to save money with coupons the legal way. Check out just about any regular coupon blog and you will see what I am saying. We are all appalled at her behavior and embarrassed that SHE was the person selected to go on tv. She was deliberately using coupons on items that they weren't meant to be used for.

I know some of you are new to coupons, so I will say this. It is easy to make a mistake when you are a newbie and you don't know any better. I myself did this once when I first started once. I went back and told the manager I had made an error and he said not to worry about it. But there is NO excuse to do it OVER and OVER and over again. That Safeway J'aime shopped at probably lost somewhere near her full purchase amount. I sincerely hope that TLC issues a public statement about this, and that people don't get the wrong idea that couponers are scammers. When used correctly, it is a win-win, for everyone, but when misused, EVERYONE loses.

Super Savings @ CVS

Are you ready for Easter? There are all kinds of deals at the drugstores (CVS, Walgreen, Rite Aid), Dollar General, and the grocery stores this week. The trick is to only buy the item at the store where it is the lowest price when matched with a coupon. If you buy the low priced items, even when you use a coupon, and you also buy EVERYTHING else you need there too, the whole trip was kinda pointless. You can get more bang for your buck if you stock up on the items that are on sale, at one particular store. Then head to another store for the other items.

For example, CVS has M&M's (I think the 12oz size) on sale for $1.99 today through Tuesday for a 3 day sale. There is a printable coupon for $1.50 off 3 (and I've heard there is also one for $1 off 2), so you can get them for $1.50 a bag when you buy 3. Not bad right!

Russell Stover bunnies or chocolate eggs are .74cents, and then you get .74 back in Extra bucks, so it's basically FREE!
They also have Medium size bottles of kids bubbles for $1.99 that are also printing $1.99 in ECB so they are free as well!

Bottles of Xtra Detergent are just $1.47!!! There is rumored to be a $.50cent coupon out there from the inserts (I haven't seen it, but I haven't cut for a few weeks.) If you have this, you could stock up on bottles for just 97cents!! I myself bought a few at the $1.47 price as this is what we've started to use.


There are two great deals I got today, and there are LOADS of Kellogg's coupons on their website to print out.
Kellogg's Corn Pops, Rice Crispies, Cocoa Crispies, Apple Jacks, Corn Flakes, and Raisin bran are just $1.66 each (limit 4 boxes).
Here are some coupons to put with them for an awesome deal
$1/any 3
$1/2 cornflakes (or a couple other kinds)
$.70c off raisin bran. So you could get raisin bran for just .96cents or Corn Flakes (we use this for fried chicken breading) for just $1.16

Also, there is a deal on Special K cereal and Bars. I like the Special K Red berries, and that was included in the deal. They are on sale for 3/$10 and then you get $4 in Extra Care Bucks back. There is a $3 off 5 any boxes or $2 off any 3 special K. So I got 3 boxes of Special K red berries, I payed $8 out of pocket, and I got $4 back, making them about $1.33 each--not bad at all!!!!

There is supposedly a moneymaker deal on Airwick Freshmatic Ultra. The scenario would go something like this: You buy 4 of them @ $6 each. Use 4 $4/1 printable coupons, paying $8 out of pocket. Then on your receipt $10 ECB will print out. There are other items that are included in the ECB deal, so you certainly don't have to only buy 4 Freshmatics to get the deal. I believe some other Airwick and Lysol products are included, as well as Electrosol dishwasher tabs($3 and there is a several coupons floating around). However, the coupons for the other items aren't that great, so unless you have the airwick coupons and your store has them in stock (even one could probably get you a good deal when combined with the other stuff). Now, I never advocate clearing the shelf. If you are at kroger and there's 1 left or even 3 or 4, that's one thing. But the drug stores are a bit tricky. Many times, there will be items on sale for a great price, but they carry/have 3 or 4 in stock (if that) to begin with. This is where it gets tricky. I do believe the early bird gets the worm. I also know how frustrating it is to go looking for a bargain and not be able to find what you are looking for. That's my biggest problem with this deal, is that to do this, you are likely buying up their whole inventory of that item. Just use your best judgement and be courteous to everyone else. My store didn't have ANY of the Airwicks even in stock, and the sale just started this AM.

Check out The Krazy Coupon Lady or My Memphis Mommy for a list of the sales and coupon matchups for printables. For more info about CVS shopping click HERE.

Happy Shopping!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


So, I realize it is a little late in the game, but better late than never, right?! I went to the store a couple weeks ago and came back with SO much stuff, more than what I'd pay for it and crazy savings. I said I wouldn't go back because I had no where to put anything else and had plenty, but I went back for more freebies (love that free pasta!!! (It will keep for a year or more!)

So, here are just a few of the deals that you still have time to take advantage of. The best deals are seeming to be from the March Madness Cart Buster Event at Kroger. With already crazy low prices, they are taking an additional $5 when you buy in increments of 10. They also have a pretty nifty instant win game on their website. I will put a * by those items, so you know which can be mixed/matched. Some items have coupons out, some have catalina's that will print when you buy a certain amount, and some are just really good stock up prices. I apologize for not having the info about where the coupons are from (most are going to be MFR coupons from ad inserts) but there are tons of sites for that info. I will list those at the bottom of the blog. The price listed is reflective of the $5 taken off at the end from buying in increments of 10. Ok, so here goes:

*Post Fruity Pebble or Cocoa Pebble cereal snack bars $1.99
$1/1 Pebbles snack bars (might have been .50 and doubled, not sure, sorry!)
Final price: $.99 each

*2 liters of Coke Products: $.89 each

*Nestle 24pk Bottled water $2.79
Buy 4, get a $5 catalina for your next transaction
I didn't have any coupons for this, but we drink a lot of bottled water here, so with the cat. deal it was a great buy.
Final Price: $1.54 each wyb 4 cases, after $5 catalina.

*Pedigree 3.5-4.5 lb bags of dry dog food $3.99
$3 coupon (says $3 off 3.5-4.5 lb bags of pedigree food for dogs)
Final Price: $.99 each

*Ronzoni Pasta-Healthy Harvest (wheat), Smart Taste (enriched white) or Garden Delight (Veggie) .49 each
$1/2 coupon for each variety from an insert, sorry can't remember which one)
Also a printable coupon for each is available here. Don't forget once they print, to hit the back button and print them all a 2nd time.
Final Price: Free or possible $.01 money maker each!!!

*Sunny D $.99 each
$.25 coupon that doubles
Final Price, $.49 each

*Dole Fruit Crisp (2pk) $1.49
$.50/1 coupon that doubles to $1
Final Price: $.49 each

Annie's Natural Maccaroni and Cheese, .49
No coupons, but still a great stockup price on organic mac n cheese
(FYI, it tastes yummy!)

*Kraft American Singles (16 ct.) $1.99
$.55 coupon that doubles to $1.10
Final price: $.89 each

*Danimals or Dananino Yogurt $1.49
$1/1 danimals or danonino
Final Price: $.49 for a 6pk

*French's Spicy Mustard $1.19 each
.50/1 coupon that doubles to $1
Final Price: $.19 each

*Kraft Salad Dressing $1.49

*Philadelphia cooking Creme $1.99
$1.50/1 coupon (Also I didn't see any, but there are rumored to be $1/ chicken wyb the cooking creme. You can use them both together and save more!!)
Final Price: $.49 each

Jello Temptations $2.89 (3pk)(NOT part of the mega sale)
(I had internet printables for $1.50 off each x 3, if you have them too, use them!!!)
Catalina deal- through 3/27
wyb 2, save $1
wyb 3, save $2
wyb 4, save $3
Final Price:Varies (possibly as low as $2.56 for all 4, after Catalina)


Here is a list of the current Catalina deals, thanks to the Krazy Coupon Lady. Catalina's are a great way to get items that are more expensive that you don't have coupons for, like meat or fresh produce. This is especially fun, if your coupons make an item very cheap or free, and then a catalina coupon prints, you can do a 2nd transaction with meat/fruit/etc and drop that price out of pocket down as well.

Also you can go here for her matchups.

Or if you are in the Memphis area, also check out My Memphis Mommy.

Another helpful site is They have a forum (rather than a blog) that is searchable and you can find just about any info for any store or if there is a coupon out there for an item you need. They are all very helpful especially if you are new to couponing.

Also, if you are new to this and/or don't have time to clip them, you can actually order just the coupons you are looking for. The *hot* coupons, usually for the free items, tend to go very quickly, and if you need to have them deal asap you will often have a hard time getting them in time. If you are in the Memphis area and need to order some, I highly recommend these guys- "We clip u save" I didn't have the Pedigree dog food coupons, but I ordered them on Wednesday and the arrived yesterday morning. They are a business based out of Waynesboro, TN, and they are super fast and easy to use!

Friday, March 18, 2011

HEY YOU!!!! (Yes, you)

LOL. I think I could put up a picture and that would probably be enough, but I have to share some of the deals I got. I have to admit this has taken me about the better part of a day, when you totaled all my time up together...but I had weeks worth of coupons to clip and organize, I spent about 1-2 hours checking ads and searching online and such and then about 3 hours shopping because I kept having to stop and feed the baby, rock him, or change him, etc throughout the day....

Even though that sounds like a lot of work, I will tell you that I spent a little less than $350, saved well over $600 (after that I lost track) and bought enough groceries to feed my family well for the next month and then some. Some things I got a year or more supply of-don't worry, they don't expire till summer of 2012! :D Keep in mind that before I started couponing I was spending 500-600 a month and eating only generic stuff and hardly any fresh fruits and veggies. This amount today included over $100 in meat and about $50 in fruits and veggies. I also got other staples, such as rice, cereal, whole grain and vegetable pasta, tea, and even some organic items. I bought "expensive" heart healthy whole grain bread and buns. I say this because all I was buying before was the cheapo .75 cent plain white bread. I also bought condiments, organic baby food, diapers and baby wash/lotion, bottled water, snacks and treats for the kids, and cokes (yes, I know, but diet cokes are a weakness of mine.) :D Most of these items are things I would not have been able to purchase regularly before I used coupons. It is worth it to me, to spend the whole 6 or 8 hours doing this, getting ready to shop a big trip like this. That's because I won't shop again for a whole month except to pick up maybe a couple gallons of milk in 2 weeks, and make weekly rounds to get any freebies I want from the drugstores.

I say all this to encourage you. There is a way to benefit from couponing on every level. If you are on a fixed income and/or are unable to work, this doesn't really take much strenuous energy to clip coupons and surf the internet for sales. I usually spend about 2 hours a week (over the course of the whole week off and on) reading other coupon blogs and hunting down bargains. This is what helps me score a lot of items for super cheap and free. All you need is the internet and a printer. :D

If you are like me, and you are busy but you stay at home with kids, this is a great way to "earn income." I look at like like my 2nd job. My first is of course being a homeschooling mama and taking care the 3 kids and the house. As you can imagine, I'm pretty busy, but I find 20 minutes here and there to do what I need to do. Sometimes it may take a while to get a "huge" (meaning 3-4 hours in one week) amount of clipping and bargain hunting done, but only when I am shopping for the whole month or more. Time is money and my time is worth a lot! But I do a little here and there, and it saves me hundreds every month. The more time you put into it the more you can save.

It is also a great way to save money if you are on government food assistance. I have personally been on food stamps before, so I know how hard it is to make that money stretch. My husband and I were just starting out and it was hard. After a while he got a better job and we were able to be independent of the assistance and to be honest, it was such a relief. One thing you can do to stretch your money while on assistance is to use coupons. You do (in some if not all states) have to pay sales tax on the coupon amount. But that is the same as anyone else who buys with coupons and does not pay with food stamps. I am not sure why you have to pay tax on these items since you would not otherwise, but it is totally worth it. Besides the sales tax, you can get several items for free or very cheap, meaning that is less money spent on your EBT card.
There are many Americans who are just above that line also. Just above that income amount to get the money and have a hard time buying the food and items they need on their own. These are who coupons can be life changing for. I have always been a sale shopper, especially with meat. I would see what types of meat were on sale, and I would buy several of them. Then the next week, I'd buy different items depending on the sale. But coupons help even more. Coupons can help you afford to buy items you could not normally afford, and often they are cheaper than generic store brand when you match the coupon with a sale. You could make it on your own, buying the store brand, cheapest quality meats and eating most canned veggies and fruits if any. But if you watch the sales, and know how to maximize your money, you can do two things that will change your life:

*You can stock up on those items, meaning you don't have to buy it again for an extended period of time (meaning that money can be spent on other bills and needs. I say life changing because when you are saving $300 a month or more, that frees up the money that you might need to keep that car running or buy the kids new clothes or whatever that need was that might been put on the back burner so you could eat.)
*You can afford to eat healthier, buying better leaner meats and more fresh produce and heart healthy foods, as well as treats, snacks, and quick/easy foods. I will come back to this point later...

What about the busy working mom? I have several friends that want to save money like I do, but they are hesitant-I don't have time do clip all these coupons and spend that much time doing this. I will offer some tips to saving time for you in a bit, but I want you to know you can do this too!!! You can benefit from coupons as little or as much as you put into it. If I saved over $600 from 8 hours worth the effort, that means I basically made over $75 an hour. Do you make that much? Now, I'm not telling you to quit your job and coupon 40 hours a week, lol. But say you have 1-2 hours spread out over the course of the week to devote to couponing. Over the course of the month you can still save $600. (Keep in mind that I said I only shop like that once a month, so it averages out. I will do small trips to the store for freebies and spend maybe an hour a week including driving time. But I won't be doing a big trip to shop like that again for a while.) If you only have maybe an hour to spend a week, there are things you can do to save your valuable time.
Practice the stockup method. When something that you use goes on sale for free or cheap, stock up. Buy as much as you will can use before it expires that you have a place to store (or until it will go on sale for free again), and you won't have to buy it again for a while. Once you get a stock of certain items not only will you not have to pay full price on them again, but you will cut out those last minute trips to the store because you didn't realize you were out of toilet paper.

1)If you are like me and have to clip all the coupons, get all the inserts together that match, line them up and staple them. Then, using scissors or a paper cutter, cut them all at once and immediately put them in the spot they go. This is what I have started doing and it helps SO much! It's great because i may only have 10 or 20 minutes here and there. So I will lay them all out at once, and staple them lined up at the right spot. Then if I have to stop to feed the baby or make a phone call, i can fold them up and come back to them more big coupon messes all over the floor!!!
2)If you aren't so ocd organized about it, try filing them in a different way. Just about every coupon website (except my blog, sorry) lists the coupons by the insert and date they were sent out. So if it is found in the SS 1/14 insert, then it will almost always list that after the coupon on the list. You can just file the whole insert together (or the stapled matching insert pages if you have several of the same) in a file folder with the date. Then when you see the coupon you need, you can flip right to the ad and clip it. This saves you the time of clipping coupons you don't use.
3)A third option is to use a clipping service. If you just really don't have the time, you can use a coupon clipping service. You will pay a small amount per coupon (usually just a couple pennies, depending on the value). You are paying for the time it takes to clip the coupons, and their reimbursement of the cost of the papers in the first place. This requires a little bit of discipline because you have to do all your bargain hunting on the very first day (or the day before) of the sale. You may have to do it yourself and then get online and see if there are coupons to order that match what you want to buy. It will save you time clipping because they come to you already neat and clipped. No wasted piles of papers and no time spent cutting. But it take time to get them to you, and sometimes it may be on the last day of the sale. I have done this before (see the previous post in January where I used a clipping service for more info.) when I bought 30+ lean cuisines and green giant steamer veggies for 1/3 the normal price. I spent just a couple dollars and save ALOT. So that may be an option for you too.

So, hopefully all this will give you something to think about. As always, if you have any questions or input, leave me comments below!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


So after a trip to Walgreens (for 2 things) and a major trip to Kroger, I came out having spent a bit less than $70 for all this!!!!

First I went to Walgreens and and got two of the Ponds 30 pack of Face Cleaning towlettes-regular price $6.49eac On sale through today they were buy one get one free, making them $3.25 each. I also had $1.50/1 coupons (2 of them), so for $3.50 plus tax I got 2 of the 30 packs! Score!!! Thanks to The Krazy Coupon Lady for this info!!!!

Then I headed on over to Kroger after doing about 30 minutes worth of matchups (checked the sales with my e coupons (both from Kroger's website and other online coupons I can scan to my card like Cellfire, etc) and saw what I had, and then matched the ones I had paper coupons for as well-my Kroger allows you to stack them, most in the Memphis area do.

Here's what I got:
2- 12 pk of DOUBLE ROLLS OF CHARMIN @5.99ea
2- 8 pack regular rolls of bounty @5.99ea
3 Boxes Honey Nut Cheerios @$2.18ea
4 Cinnamon Toast Crunch @$2.18ea
7 boxes of Fiberone Oats n chocolate Bars @$1.99ea (i think)
7 Totinos frozen pizzas @$1ea
14 Totinos Pizza rolls (15 count) @$1ea
2 Old El Paso Taco Shells @$1.19ea (plus they each had a peelie for a free seasoning)
2 Old El Paso Tortillas @$1.19ea
2 Old El Paso Fajita Seasoning @$1ea (which was free from the peelie)
2 Ortega Taco Seasoning @$.89ea
4 Old Spice Deodorant @$1.99ea
4 Old Spice Body Wash @$3ea
1 Schick Hydra Razor @$5.99
4 Butterfinger Snackerz @$.50ea
1 bag of Nestle egg candies @$3
(These were the sale prices, so you can get these prices even without any coupons)

Then came my e coupons, which I can't even tell you which of those I had-I know I had them for $3 off each tp, $3 off each paper towels, $1 off the nestle eggs, and I had them for the Snackerz, Totinos rolls, Totinos pizza, Old spice body wash, Old Spice deodorant, both the cereals, and the Fiberone bars.

I had manufacturer coupons for everything I bought pretty much.
I can't remember the break down of it, but I ended up getting these items completely free: the taco and fajita seasonings, the razor, the body wash, and the Butterfinger snackers. Everything else was just really cheap.

I had to do it in two separate transactions, (not including my purchase at Walgreens) but it ended up being around $65 for all that and I saved over $150
@ Kroger alone after plus card savings, coupons and double coupons !!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Ok, so I know it's late in the game but you still have time to hit up Kroger if you hurry!!

Here are just some of the deals I scored last night with an avg savings of 60%!!!

Colgate toothpaste (select varieties) 98cents
-.75cent coupon in Sunday 2/27 paper
.23cent toothpaste

Land O'lakes Margarine or Buttery spread $1each
-.50 coupon (doubles to $1)

Cinnamon Toast Crunch
On sale for $2.49 (when you buy any 10 participating items)
-$1/2 select General Mills Cereals
-.55 e-coupon

Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Cereal (oats or flakes) $2.50
-$1/1 coupon

Kraft bbq sauce .69 cents (wyb 10 items)
I didn't have any coupons, but thats still a good deal

Kraft box Mac n cheese 5 pk $3.89
-$1 coupon that I printed online
$2.89 for 5 boxes

Chex mix $1.25 each
-.50/2 (doubles to $1)
.75 each wyb 2

Cutie Clementine Oranges $3.99 for 3lb bag, approx 10 oranges
-.55 coupon doubles to $1.10

5lb bag red potatoes $1.99

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Ok, just a short and sweet update. I am planning on doing some mjr shopping this week for groceries and stocking up. But I ran to Walgreens and rite aid today to grab a couple things before they all get bought up.\


If you still have your Motrin coupons (either $1/1 or $6/2 ) now is the time to stock up! Walgreens has Motrin pm on sale for $3 (regular $5) and then you get 3 in rr. I was fortunate to still have my $6/2 coupons from before.

Also, baby magic lotion and baby wash is $3 (regular $4) and you get $3 back in rr. I only had one .50c coupon from the gift basket the hospital gave me when jonah was born but still. They also had a few other great deals if you need them to check out on the back of the Walgreens ad-several of which are free after RR.

So I used my $6/2 coupon and bought the motrin pms (for free oop) plus I got RR back, making them a money maker!!! I also got a couple of the baby magic lotion and baby wash.

*Couple things to remember* Walgreens is tricky about their RR and doesn't really making Rolling them (using the RR from your last purchase towards the next one) as beneficial as they could. You certainly can use RR on any purchase, but let's say you purchase Baby Magic and pay the $3 for it. You won't get another RR if you use the Baby magic RR you got from the first one towards your second transaction. It can't be used on that transaction if you want another to print. Better to save them for a later purchase. Also, you can only use one mfr coupon per item-Register Rewards count as MFR coupons so if you want to use that PLUS a paper coupon toward an item, don't forget to add a filler item (cheap item that allows you to use the RR --Walgreens does not allow the # of coupons to exceed the # of items.)

Ok, Also...
@ Rite Aid this week, you can get those Amazing Nivea lip balms for $1!!!!! If you hurry, you can go to Nivea's fb page a print out (2 per computer, just hit the back button after it prints)a coupon for $2/2. I got 4 and literally just paid .28c (tax) on these!!!! Also if you go and they are sold out, get a rain check!!! Super easy you just ask the cashier.

*UPDATE!!!* Please don't be one of those people who comes in and buys all 10 of something. If you need a couple, do what I did and buy one or 2 from one store, and then go to another store. Use your best judgement based on the supply the store has. If they have dozens of something and its the last day of the sale, fine, by what you need. But just make sure everyone else has the chance to get a great deal too.

Friday, February 4, 2011

So many deals, So little time!

So many of us have been complaining the last couple weeks there haven't been that good of sales. I know it is a little late in the game (sorry, I have been busy!) but you still have time. Also remember if there is a deal you want but they are out you can get a raincheck. I know at least at the drugstores like Walgreens or Rite Aid, you just tell the checker that they were out. Sometimes you can ask and they can check if they have more, but they will just give you a slip to redeem for a raincheck for up to a month or more even, depending on the store.

Ok, so I did a huge shopping trip yesterday...pretty much bought groceries for the month. First I went to Rite Aid. Click here to go to Rite Aid's Website.

They have Colgate Total on sale for $2.99 and when you use your coupon (I had a $1/1 colgate total, but there is also a .75c coupon too-these are from the paper.) So you pay $2 out of pocket, but you get $2 in UP+ dollars back. So it's really like you are getting the item for free. They are also having a promo where you buy $30 in participating products, you get $10 in up back. The Colgate here is a part of that deal! There are also a couple deals involving things like Afrin or Metamucil that you may have coupons for that can count towards this. This is why you shouldn't throw the coupons away till they expire. You might be able to get items for free, or make money off of them.
I a couple things that were nearly free (after register rewards) but totaled $12 after my coupons. They had those Gillette Fusion razors powerglide manual or electric for $9.99. Then I had a $4 off coupon from 1/30 I think, and you get $5 back, making it .99 cents-limit 1*! I paid the 12 out of pocket and then did a 2nd transaction. This was for the "mega sale" items on the back of this weeks ad. They have chex mix for 2/$3. I had 3 coupons for $.50 off two, and I had 1 .50c off coupon from watching the video value on Rite Aid's website (I'll get to that later). Then they had lays stax for $1 and Edy's Ice Cream for $2.99. They also have dixie ultra plates for $4 buy they are b1g1 free. There is a video value on RA to watch for $3 off two, making them both $1!!! If you spend $15 on any of these (or anything on the back page) items before coupons, then you get a $5 UP+ back. You will also get $2 back for each Edy's Ice cream, $1 back for each lays stax, and $1 back from each chex.
They also have some great deals on other things, so check out their ad! They have Stayfree pads B1G1 free and if you have any of those stay free coupons from 2 weeks ago that are B1G1 free, you can get 2 free!!! There are many things with the "Buy and Save" logo. Those count towards the Winter rewards and if you spent $100 on those items-there are TONS- by the end of this month, you get an additional $20 back in rewards! It really isn't hard to do, even if you are buying things that are free or nearly free after Up points and coupons. It takes the sale price before any discounts to count toward this total. I earned $24 toward this just yesterday. Anyway, this is a pic of the back page.

Next, Schnucks is doing something new where they are supposedly lowering their (extragantly high) prices on regular items you use every day, like bread, milk, eggs etc. To me, the new "low" prices are basically comparable to the other stores prices now. BUT I was able to get some decent buys. Not necessarily "stock up" prices on most things, but if it's something you needed to buy anyways, it might be worth checking out. Like They had Kraft Dressings for 2/$4. Their regular price is $3.79 so it's not something I would normally buy there. But I had a coupon for $1/2 and so I got 2 bottles of dressing for $3. Also they have 1 lb bags of baby carrots for $1 (so does Kroger, fyi). The thing I really liked though was they had Apple juice, Cran Apple, and a couple other types for $1 each (normal size bottle). I think I bought like 10, lol :D

Target had some great deals but they were out of most of what I wanted unfortunately. They advised me to come back in today to check and see if they got more in--apparently they get a truck in on Fridays. But I still got some great deals. I had a $1/1 anh johnson and johnson baby product and target had 9 oz baby wash with a 4 oz baby bubble wash too for $1.99, so I got them both for .99 each! Also, I found purell 2 oz bottles (no this is not the trial size) for $1.29 at my store. Apparently they are also .97 at some stores, but I had a $1/1 coupon so I picked up a couple for just .29 cents each. Also, if you have the coupon that came out in last weeks paper -it was buy any Oil of Olay bar, get a free secret deodorant up to $3. If you look in their travel section they have oil of olay bars for .97 cents for a full size bar. Now, there are two ways you could do this. For around $4, they had twin packs of deodorant. So you could get that, and just pay $1 on each, since it only goes up to $3. You would get 8 deodorant and 4 bars of Oil of Olay for $8 OR, @ my Target they had single deodorants for 2.38 so you would not have to pay any out of pocket for the deodorants that way, just the soap-which is what I did. Also, I found Maalox there for about $3.50 and I still had a $5 coupon from a couple weeks ago. Another neat find was these HUGE bottles of Pantene pro V twin packs. It had a huge bottle and a regular size bottle twin packed together marked down on closeout/clearance to just $2.98. I had a $3/2 coupon so I got two sets of the twin packs for a less than $3!!! They had Kraft shredded cheese for $2 and Target's website has a coupon for $1.25 off 1, and a few weeks ago they had a .75c/1 coupon too, so I used those and got two bags for $1 each. They had a decent deal on Tostitos too. When you buy any 2 Tostitos @ 2.50 each, you get a free Tostitos salsa. I also had a $1/1 coupon for that that I got off their website so I got 2 chips and two salsas for $6.50. I'm not sure if you can use the $1/1 coupon on the "free" salsa, so if anyone does it this way you could get 2 chips and 1 salsa for $4-if they allow it. Again, I wasn't sure so I just went ahead and bought an extra salsa for $1.50--still a good deal.

Lastly, I stocked up on canned stuff @ Kroger. Hunts Tomato sauce/paste/diced etc are just .49c, Rotel .49 c, Hormel Chili .49 (I got these for free because I had printable coupons for .55 off two), Del Monte Canned Vegetables for .49 Armour frozen meatballs 2.50 (I had a several coupons for $1 off, so I got them for $1.50), canned vegetables .49c and Krusteaz pancake mix. I bought several of the boxes of pancake mix because they were $1.79 on sale and I had $1/1 coupons! They are regular "bisquick size" boxes too, not the pouches for serving. All these were on sale and then to get the prices I mentioned, you had to buy any 10 (mix/match) to save. They had lots and lots of deals, that was just some of what I got. Also you can save more if you load coupons on your Kroger card as well. They had a similar deal to Rite Aid, on the Gillette fusion razors. They were $10, and I used my $4 coupon and they had a $4 e coupon that stacked, making it just $2. They had suave shampoo, body wash, and hair products for $1.67. I had an e-coupon for them, and a b2g1 free mfr coupon that stacked to make these a sweet deal! Also, if you played the Kraft noodle game a while back and still have those b1g1 free easy mac coupons, now's a good time to use them because they are on sale for .49 also when you buy any 10 part. items. There are so many great items that are a part of that deal, it's worth just checking it out. Go to KROGER's website to check out the ad or load e coupons to your card!!

Feel free to post any great deals you find on here in the comments below :D
Happy shopping!!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time Flies!!

Wow, I can't believe it's already February!!
I will be updating hopefully later today or tomorrow with some great deals to get before the week is out! Keep watching for more :D

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Super D Duper Deal @ Walgreens....

So I thought I'd found a good deal at Kroger when I got 5 boxes for $4 of this Kraft Mac N cheese yesterday. I think I've just one upped myself...and I found this deal all on my own, and now I'm sharing it with you!

Walgreens this week has Kraft Velveeta Mac N cheese, Kraft Deluxe Mac N cheese (in a box), and Kraft "Homestyle" Deluxe Mac N cheese on sale 3/$5 (look in the ad for this week because my store didn't have it marked n the shelf correctly). You can match that with the in store coupon from the January coupon book for when you buy 2 you save $1. AND if you have coupons from this sunday paper, you can use up to 3 of the $1/1 kraft deluxe Mac N Cheese Homestyle. (if you buy 3 that is) and stack them together. Making 3 boxes just $1!!!!!!!! Normally these are $2.89-$3 each so this is an AMAZING DEAL!!!!

The Homestyle deluxe mac n cheese pouches (4 1 cup servings in each) come in original or italian cheese w/ bread crumb topping. I'm thinking it would be great to add in some chicken and veggies and make a meal out of it!

Just please don't clear the shelf (meaning don't go in and buy 21 boxes just because you can). Leave some for everyone else to enjoy the savings. I got 3 today and I may go back later in the week and buy 3 more boxes if I can. Also, if you have the coupons but your store sells out, don't panic. Just get a rain check. Since no register rewards are involved it should be available for the sale price.

Friday, January 14, 2011

My first huge haul!!!

So first stop was Walgreens.
I had no register rewards to use, but I saw they had a great sale on granola bars. Right now the Fiberone bars or Nature valley granola bars are 2/$4. I love those fiber one chewy oats & chocolate bars and I had several coupons for both kinds so I bought a bunch! I bought 5 of the Nature's Valley bars and I had coupons that took off a total of $2.50 on five total. So that brought be down to $7.50. Then I found several loreal makeup on clearance. They were btwn $11-$13 orignally, all marked down to $3.19-$3.29) This is where having had multiple papers came in handy. I had 5-yes 5 coupons for a total of 9 items (totaling in $19 more off) when it spit out the Register rewareds in the end, it gave me another $5 off my next purchase because I bought so much in makeup!!! So its basically like I got $108 in makeup for just $5!!!!!!
So it spit out a $5 off rr (from the makeup) and a $3.50 off rr(from buying 5 boxes of bars)...
I bought 5 FiberOne bars, and I used 5 coupons. Some for .40/1 some for .50 off 1... and some more of the makeup. It didn't give me the $5 coupon this time but it did do another $3.50 off. rr

So at Walgreens, I paid a total of $24 out of pocket after tax, saved a total of $133. and walked away with $12 towards my next purchase.

Next stop was CVS. Now here, I had shopped around and I found bottles of Maalox (ewwwwww) for $5.89. I had 4 coupons for $5 off 1 Maalox from the paper this past Sunday, making them just .89 each plus tax. I paid that and then I got a $10 off because I spent 20 (before coupons) on Maalox. I then bought 6 of lays and doritos chips (2/$5) and 2 packs of Citrus Fizze drinks. I used 2 $1/1 coupons on the drinks,( and because I purchased $20 worth of participating products, I got a $10 extra bucks back.) Total was like $30 or so and I used $10 that I earned the other day from the cleaning supplies deal and the $10 from the maalox. I paid a total of about 10 out of pocket and like I said, I got another $10 back in register rewards.

Last stop was rite aid. I walked in there the first time the other day for the almost free Special K cereal I got several stay free maxi pads for next to nothing!
This one was a little more confusing. Since I am still new to Rite Aid, I wasn't sure exactly how it would work. I actually had 2 up rewards from the special k I didnt use so I started out with an out of pocket amount.

Rite Aid's policy is to allow you to use no more than 2 coupons per item, only 1 of which may be a manufacturer's coupon. However, they will allow you to use a b1g1 free coupon, with an additional $1/1 item (or whatever amount) thus lowering the price of the item you "buy" and getting the 2nd item free. So I had 5 b1g1 free coupons, and two $1 off 1 coupons. What I did was this:

I bought 4 stayfree pads (they have to be the 14-24 count, only certain packages count for the promotion -you get $2 up rewards for every set of two you buy) @$2.50 each.
-$5 (for two free ones)
-$2 for 2 $1/1 coupons
paid out of pocket $3 plus tax

Then I did a 2nd transaction and I bought 6 more, and I used 3 b1g1 coupons.
-$4 up rewards *I got 2 from my first purchase*

paid $3.50 plus tax.
Got $6 in up rewards back!!!

Total for the day I paid into the stores, including up rewards I used (because if you didn't start out with any (you would have to pay $20 to cvs i used in Extra bucks)that money out of pocket was $69, but I still have $12 from walgreens to use on my next purchase, $10 from CVS and and $6 more from rite aid. So it's like I paid in $69 and got back $28. So it's like I paid $41 really..... Does that make sense. You will start to save alot more if you can roll your register rewards and catalinas, just be careful that the store you are shopping at will still print the catalina if you buy that same item and pay using a catalina from purchasing that item earlier--Walgreens will not, but Rite Aid will.....

Anyways drumroll!!!
Total value of goods--$304
Total spent including catalinas i used to pay in--$69
Out of pocket expense $49
Total catalinas I walked away with $28
Total amount I saved (not including catalinas saved for next time) $255!!!
Are you kidding me?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?

Making my list...checking it twice....

So today's a big day! My daughter is having her party with my family for her 5th birthday....and we are going to see her perform at her gymnastics showcase...but not before I get in a little shopping. On the shopping list for today things I am hoping to find are:

Lysol Healthy touch hand sanitizer (hoping to score some RR in case there are good deals on sunday, I will want to have some RR on hand to lower my oop)
Granola bars-Fiber one and Nature's Valley

Rite Aid
Stayfree maxi pads--gosh I hope there are some left because I can get them for a great deal!

maalox. Again, gosh I hope there are still some left!!!

More to come soon!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tips and Tricks

So, if you didn't already know, you can load coupons to your Kroger plus card by registering on Kroger's website (see above links). You just input your info and your Kroger card number and you are set to go! This is a great way to maximize your savings, especially if you only need 1 or 2 of an item, because you can use this along with your paper coupons you've clipped.

There is another tip that you can follow to maximize savings. Say you are new to couponing, and you don't have the coupons I mentioned. Or perhaps, you want to stock up and don't have enough. You can actually buy the coupons online. There are several reputable websites, as well as ebay (just be sure to check out the ratings and how far away the seller is) where you can buy them. You aren't actually "buying" the coupons, but you are paying for the clipper's time to cut them all out. If someone is selling them on Ebay the same rule applies.
Why are people selling them?

Perhaps they bought several newspapers for one specific coupon to stock up on an item-sometimes it can be worth it, and this is a way to recoup some of that money spent if they don't need the other coupons. You are paying for the time it took them to clip it out. They are saving you the time of cutting, and you can get several for a nominal fee-usually 5-10 cents a coupon.

I actually bought several for the first time today. I spent just over $5 with postage for about 60 different coupons.

With my coupons, I'm going to be getting Hillshire farms shaved lunchmeat tubs (normally $4.79 right now it's on sale for $3. I have a .55 cent coupon I ordered that doubles to $1.05 (it actually doubles to $1.10 but I've deducted .05 for the cost of the coupon and shipping) so I'm getting them for just $1.95 each. These are 9 oz containers. So I'm getting them cheaper than the store brand or cheap processed kind even, or lunch meat from the deli. Since when can you get over a pound of quality lunch meat for less than $4?!?!!

Also included were 30 coupons for Lean Cuisines Market Creation bags (among a few other coupons) that I mentioned in my previous post. We eat a lot of the regular boxed lean cuisines around here, and I always like to stock up when I see a sale-usually when they go on sale for around $1.50-$1.75 (without coupons, I feel that's a good price since they are normally $2.25-$2.50). Right now they are both $1.70 each when you buy any 10 participating products at Kroger. That's not a bad price for the box Lean Cuisine Entrees as it is-before coupons- but it is an even better price for the Market Creations, which are normally $3.50 each.

I bought my coupons for those items for 9 cents each. Each coupon was for $1 off 2, deducting another .50 off each box, making them just $1.20 each!!! This is a steal, in my opinion, considering like I said that normally they are $3.50! So I bought 30 coupons-don't worry...they don't expire till March, so I have enough to have in case another sale comes around. I am going to buy 30 (using 15 coupons for $1 off each.

The regular price is $3.50 x 30 is $105 --yikes!!!!
but the sale price is $2.20 with your card x30 is $66..still a yikes!
When you buy in sets of ten (again you can mix and match with other participating items) the price is just $1.70 a bag x 30 is...$51(getting better...)
I am buying 30, so I will be using 15 of my $1 off coupons.
$51 -15 = just $36!!!!!!!
That is a savings of $69 yall. Not to mention if you are buying these verses eating out for $5-10 a day!

If I really wanted to stock up, I would use all 30 of my $1 off coupons and buy 60 for $210. But wait, I used my card and got them for $132. But wait...I bought 6 of the 10 sets to get the deal, so that takes another $30 off (buy any 10 participating items, get $5 off x 6=$30) so that makes it just $102. BUT WAIT!!! I used my 30 of my coupons (paid about $3 for all of them after postage) so I am saving $27 more. So for $75 I got 60 meals, and saved $135 even after I paid for coupons.

But if you are buying 60, won't that clean out the entire supply? you ask...

That beings me to my next tip. Special Orders. I did my first special order today. :D (does happy dance). I called over to the Kroger store and talked to the manager. I wanted to buy 10 of 3 different varieties. They only had 24 today of each kind I wanted, and today was the first day of the she ordered an extra case (10 of each) of my 3 favorite kinds for me, and I can come in and pick them up on Saturday morning. I didn't have to pay in advance either like I thought I might. (That may depend on the manager on duty or your particular store.)

There are some excellent deals to be had!!!

@ Kroger this week...
***EDIT--you can also go to,, and to get coupons loaded to your store's card. I apologize if the green giant coupons are not from the Kroger website (I'm not sure) as they show up in my list of saved coupons, but I wasn't thinking that they might have been loaded from Cellfire instead. Sorry for the confusion!!

B1G1 Free Jimmy Dean Sausage. The regular price is $4.79 each.
If you go HERE you can go to their
Facebook page and print a coupon right from your computer for $1 off one. Once it prints, you can hit your back button once it it will automatically print a second time (most online "" are this way). So you can print two of them off, and get 4 packs of sausage for 9.58 or $2.39 a package. You *might* be able to use a coupon on the "free" sausage too and get them both for $2.79 total, but I am not sure, as I have never tried that...I will have to edit them later and find out.

Also there is a nice $1 off 1 Hillshire Farms Deli Select coupon going around on some of the coupon websites. I'll have to see if I can find that.... There is also one HERE to their FB page. If you "like" them, they will give you a coupon for $.55 off one, which doubles @ most Memphis area Kroger stores to $1.10 off. Right now they are on sale for $3 each (you do not need to buy $2 to get the 2/$6 price at Kroger). That makes these 9 oz lunch meat tubs just $1.90 each. If you print two you get two for just $3.80 for 18 oz lunch meat!

Also, there are always plenty of toaster strudel coupon printables to be had on the computer (HERE) or HERE as well as an E coupon on Kroger's page (HERE) for $.50 off when you buy 2, AND manufacturer coupons from the 12/20 General Mills insert. These are also a part of the buy any 10, get $5 off promotion. That means a savings of .50cents an item! So the price is $1.99 or just $1.49 after the promotional deal x 2, is $2.98.
-.50 e coupon
-.50 if you have the GM coupon from December.
-.50 again because that GM coupon will double.
So you can buy 2 of them for just $1.48, or just .74 a box when you buy 2!
That is a savings of $2.50 when you buy 2 boxes!!

The Green Giant Valley fresh steamers are on sale for $1.99, and when you buy any 10 participating products, you get an additional .50c off PER product, (you can mix/match). This makes them just $1.49 each before coupons!! BUT WAIT!!! There is a .50cents/2 coupon you can load to your Kroger card, making them just $1.24 a box...BUT WAIT!!! THERE'S MORE!!! There's another 50cents off 2 coupon that I clipped out from the paper. Guess what--That doubles to $1 off 2!!! This makes them just .74 each if you have the Kroger E coupon (HERE), and the coupon from the 12/20 Smart Source Coupon insert in the newspaper. This is why it pays to pay the waiting game a little ....because I saved my E coupon, and my paper coupons till right now I can get two steamer bags for just $1.48! That is 1 cent less than they were wanting me to pay for just 1 on sale! Ok, so say you don't have the paper coupon, you can go HERE and you have already used the E coupon (you can only use the Kroger plus card coupon once), they are still just $1.49 a package.

-.50 e coupon
-.50 if you have the SS coupon from December.
-.50 again because that SS coupon will double.
So you can buy 2 of them for just $1.48, or just .74 a bag when you buy 2!
That is a savings of $2.50 when you buy 2 bags!!

Lean Cuisines, Lean Cuisine Market Creations (the bags), and Hot/Lean Pockets are $2.20. They are also a part of the promotional buy any 10 get $5 off deal, making them just $1.70. That is an especially great deal already on the Market Creations, since those are normally $3-4 or more each! I have 2 $1 off two coupons that I clipped out of the January 2nd, Smart Source Insert. That makes them just $1.20 each. This is a CRAZY CRAZY deal, in my opinion, and totally worthy of stocking up, if you have that coupon.

Lastly, and I am saving the best for last here FREE COLGATE TOOTHPASTE. Yes, that's right. FREE. If you've been clipping your coupons, on (i think**) January second, there was a coupon for .50 off any colgate 4.0 oz or larger. The 6oz size is on sale for $1 at kroger and most Memphis areas (if not all) double coupons of that amount, so you get $1 toothpaste, -.50 and -.50 again if they double, making it free! Freeeeeeeeeeee!!! lol :D


Monday, January 10, 2011

Ok, so as promised....

Lysol healthy touch was $1.99 after coupon and register rewards. The cereal was $1.25 a box but then I got $2 register rewards for buying 2 boxes...means they were like .25 a box!!
The razors were 3.99 after $1 rr and my b1g1 free coupon making them $2 each...probably could have done better considering they weren't on sale, just the $1 back rewards...but I needed them.
The pens were $1.99 each and I had 2 $2 off 1 coupon making them free.
Those toothbrushes were on sale @ walgreens for $2.99. I had a $1/1 coupon and a $2/2 coupon from MFR, and you can stack an MFR coupon with the walgreens in ad coupon for $2 off any total care reach product and so I got $3 off each tooth brush making them free.

Total out of pocket was $18, but I got $10 back in RR- a $7, a $1 and $2.

Ok, so then I went to another Walgreens and bought another of the lysol healthy touch. I used the $2 off rr from before, and my $3 coupon in the paper making it cost just $7 oop. Then I got another $7 back rr. I turned around and used that $7 rr, the first $7 rr, and the other $1 off rr (from first purchase) towards some wipes @$6, shaving cream for myself and hubby that were not on sale @$3 each, and a Loreal eyeshadow quad for $3.49 (that was originally $12!!) was like $2 something after tax.

So for like $30 after tax (which you have to pay the BEFORE discount tax amount) I got all that in 3 purchases at Walgreens.

Also, CVS has a deal going on thru saturday where you buy 6 12 packs of pepsi products for $20, and you get $10 back in Extra Care bucks (same deal as register rewards. It just prints on your ticket an you can turn around and use it on whatever your next purchase is.) So it's basically like getting 6 12 pack cases for $10 or around $1.66 each.

I got 6 renuzit air fresheners for .44 each (@.88c each, and I had a coupon from the paper for buy 3 get 3 free.) at CVS.

They also have a money making opportunity if you have several of the Finish dish tab coupons. You can buy 7@ $3 each, or $21. When you spend $20 on select cleaning products you get $10 back in Extra care bucks off your next purchase.(You can mix/match, on lysol sprays, wipes, toilet bowl cleaner, airwick ultra fresh matic, airwick warmers don't have to only do the dish tabs kind) then use 7 $2.25 off 1 coupons from the paper last week. So $21 -2.25. Making your out of pocket total be $4.25. Then you get your ECB, actually making you about $6 to spend!! (you can then turn around and use that right away on the pepsi deal if you like, making your OOP even less!)

I did not do this, since I had already used most of those coupons at walgreens last week. I did however, do this:

$27.28 before sale....-$10 extra care bucks I earned,
$17. 28 - $5 because one of those airwich refills was free with a coupon. -$4 coupon off the Airwick ultra kit. -$2.25 of those finish tabs with my coupon, -$2.64 because 3 of those renuzits were free with my coupon. So all this was $3.39!!!!!

I went to kroger to see if I could get any more of the dawn hand renewals or regular dawn-as I recieved some coupons i ordered in the mail today...but they were out of everything!!! Oh well :( Maybe they will continue the deal next week, but I doubt it, as this was the 2nd week for it.

So anyways, I have been working on a stock pile, and even though it's very small compared to some...I think it's pretty great, considering how little I spent on these items. I don't really want to have alot of excess, I just want to get it to where I don't have to pay full price for staple items--like I did today with the wipes and shaving cream. After a while, I will only buy again when it is on sale, and buy all that my family can use in say, a 3 month period before it will go on sale again for cheap. That way, I am saving money. This is not everything, considering alot of it, we have already put in places-ie the toilet paper, body wash etc..... but here it is so far. Keep in mind most of this was very cheap or free--see earlier posts for the other item info. And the glade stuff on the bottom...those air sprays were .17 after a $1/1 coupon when it was marked down after Christmas on the apple cinnamon air freshener...which I could spray all year round. Love that stuff. The candles were like .25. All those were on sale @ walmart after Christmas so they were 50% off and then I had coupons on top of that price....

******EDIT--See, kids...this is why it pays (literally) to comparison shop. The exact shaving cream I bought @ walgreens without a coupon that was not on sale, was 2.99 for each. It was just the cheapest they had and I just bought it, full price :( Now I am looking and CVS had BOTH those kinds on sale for cheaper!!! I could have saved another $2. Also, they had razors on sale there too that I had a coupon for. Boooo!!!