Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Super D Duper Deal @ Walgreens....

So I thought I'd found a good deal at Kroger when I got 5 boxes for $4 of this Kraft Mac N cheese yesterday. I think I've just one upped myself...and I found this deal all on my own, and now I'm sharing it with you!

Walgreens this week has Kraft Velveeta Mac N cheese, Kraft Deluxe Mac N cheese (in a box), and Kraft "Homestyle" Deluxe Mac N cheese on sale 3/$5 (look in the ad for this week because my store didn't have it marked n the shelf correctly). You can match that with the in store coupon from the January coupon book for when you buy 2 you save $1. AND if you have coupons from this sunday paper, you can use up to 3 of the $1/1 kraft deluxe Mac N Cheese Homestyle. (if you buy 3 that is) and stack them together. Making 3 boxes just $1!!!!!!!! Normally these are $2.89-$3 each so this is an AMAZING DEAL!!!!

The Homestyle deluxe mac n cheese pouches (4 1 cup servings in each) come in original or italian cheese w/ bread crumb topping. I'm thinking it would be great to add in some chicken and veggies and make a meal out of it!

Just please don't clear the shelf (meaning don't go in and buy 21 boxes just because you can). Leave some for everyone else to enjoy the savings. I got 3 today and I may go back later in the week and buy 3 more boxes if I can. Also, if you have the coupons but your store sells out, don't panic. Just get a rain check. Since no register rewards are involved it should be available for the sale price.

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