Friday, October 14, 2011

Round 2!!

Rite Aid Trip

11.99 John Frieda Precision Foam Hair color (reg. price)
Select John Frieda products 6.99 regular price SALE PRICE $5

($5 up+ rewards when you buy 2 John Frieda products!)

Cloraseptic $ 6.49 SALE PRICE $3.99
(receive $3.99 up+ wyb 1)

12 pack coke @$5.39ea reg. SALE PRICE $3.25
(receive $2 up+ wyb 4 cases)

I bought 1 john frieda hair color, 3 john frieda shampoo/conditioners, and I used
three $2 john frieda items.
I didn't use any other coupons other than that, just scanned my rite aid card and paid $39. I saved $17, but I also got another $15 back in up+! So it's like I spent $25 on all this!!!

Plus they were out of most of the other free stuff (after up+) so I got rain checks. Rite Aid is probably my favorite place to get rain checks because unlike Walgreens or CVS, you get the item for whatever the price is AFTER the up+. So anything advertised as FREE after up+ is actually free with NO money out of pocket. *Sometimes If I am tight on cash, I will actually wait till the end of the week to go there, hoping that I can get rain checks. Is that bad? That's not bad, is it? LoL. BUT, since I didn't get the actual items today, here are what you can get for free/super cheap without even using coupons! The Cold and flu season is upon us and Rite Aid has the best deals around this week on cold meds!!

CVS brand Instant Hand sanitizer, 8 oz FREE ( or $1 and receive $1 up+)
Burts Bees Throat Drops , 20 oz FREE (Pay $1.49 and receive $1.49 back in up+)
Highland's DEFEND Cold and Cough $5.99 (Receive $5 back in up+)
Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment
Cepacol Throat drops FREE (Pay $2.50 receive $2.50 back in up)
Prep. H totable wipes FREE (or Pay $3 and receive $3 back in up+)
NeilMED Nasamist Spray FREE (Pay $5 receive $5 back in up+)
Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste 4/$5 Sale price (I know I have coupons for this so I'm going to have to go back before tomorrow)
Zarbee's All Natural Children's Cough Syrup $5.99 (submit info from your receipt online and Rite Aid will give you a $5.99 Single Check Rebate)
Ocean Saline Nasal Spray $.99 (Pay $2.50 and receive $1.50 in up)

**Also, take note of limits in the ad. If it says limit 2 or limit one, that is PER deal not total you are allowed. So if it says Limit 1 per Household under the cepacol, you can buy more than 1 but only 1 will print a up+. You can still receive Up+ for other items too, just only 1 (or whatever the limit is ) per deal.

I got some good deals @CVS too, but I didn't really feel like shopping around, as I had most of what I needed at that point. If you haven't signed up for an Extra care card at CVS, you need too! They are free and it's really quick. Then, when you get home, enter your card number and phone # etc online and they will email you coupons. Like I got about $10 worth of coupons in my email (I had a $3 off my total purchase, $3 off $10 worth of cosmetics, $2 off dial body wash/lotion/soap (made the deal in the ad even better) and I was able to get a nice eyeliner, 2 bottles of nail polish, and the bodywash for very cheap. Plus I got $$ back in Extra bucks!

Fall Savings

So, life has been super busy for us this year. I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post, but I can assure you, I have been saving $$$ all this time!! We've just been really busy with the kids' school this year, and it has been crazy. Anyways, since it's been so long, I figure I am overdue for a huge sale posting. I am going to be scoring some deals today and posting as I go. First stop was Walgreens, and I spent a little over $30 for almost $100 (reg price before sales, clearance and coupons) worth of products!! That being said, here's the breakdown of it. I will be posting lots of other deals as the day goes by as I'm going to hit all the drugstores today!

2 boxes of Cheerios (14 oz) $4.79 reg. price sale 2/$5 (use $1/2 walgreens coupon from book and use $1/2 cheerios coupon)
Final Price: 2 big boxes for $3

Halls Warm ups throat drops (reg. price unknown) sale price $1 (Receive $1 back in RR)

Revlon Beauty Tools 40% off
1 Pummice Stone reg. $3.99 price
1 Nail clippers $2.99 reg. price
1 Emery Boards $1.49 reg. price
1 Revlon Tweezers $1.99 reg. price (I used four $1/1 Revlon Beauty tools coupons, so the most I paid for any of these was $1.40!)

2 Up2U gum $1.49 reg. Use $1/2 coupon from the Walgreens coupon book and use two $1/1 mfr coupons --wish I had more of these coupons!!!
Final Price: 2 for Free!!

Clorox Clean Up 32 oz Spray sale price 2/$6
Use a $1 off 2 mfr coupon and the $2 off 2 coupon from the book
Final Price: 2/$3

Soft Soap Body Wash (18 oz) Reg. Price $4.49 Sale Price 2/$6
Use $2 off 2 coupon off Softsoap from Walgreens Book
And Use two $.75/1 mfr coupons for softsoap bodywash
Final Price: $1.25 each when you buy 2!

Walgreens Paper Plates 72 count Reg price $1.69 (I think)
Use Walgreens AD coupon to make them $1.19 each, limit 3

Campbells Tomato or Chicken noodle soups, limit 3
Use in ad coupon to make them $.69 each
And use printable $.40 off 3 printable coupon from

*My Walgreens also had several scotch tapes clearanced out to $1.49 so I bought several as I'll be wrapping Christmas presents before long.

I also got a ton of Makeup for Cheap. Right Now they have their Covergirl makeup on sale b1g1 1/2 off. The PG ad from a couple weeks ago had coupons for $8 off of 2 Covergirl Face makeup products. If you look for the cheapest thing, and match it with the 1/2 off, it's possible to get them for free. Now, I will say this: I have heard different things about the meaning of "face makeup". Some take it to mean anything for your face, so lip, eye, blush, concealer etc because it's all technically your "face"-ie. But No nail polish, no beauty tools. Some have interpreted it as ONLY things like blush, concealer, foundation etc. Just use your best judgment I guess. It's not cool AT ALL to knowingly misuse a coupon. Usually the cashier will notice and say wait up, something isn't right. But sometimes it will still work even though it is for the wrong item. You should know that if you deliberately misuse a coupon, and it still scans to reduce the price, the store will not be reimbursed for that item. So don't think you are really sneaky and getting a deal if you know you are trying to "cheat" the system.