Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Superlo foods Grand Opening! Plus Aldi and Save-a-lot!!!

So, the new Superlo Foods has been open for a few weeks now, but they are still advertising their Grand Opening Sale. I was scanning through the ad this morning, and noticed some SPECTACULAR (in my humble opinion) prices. I have yet to shop there, as it's a good 25-30 minutes away from me. However, I will be making the trip this week, for sure, as the prices on the front page of the ad are too good to pass up.

One of the things I forget to tell people, when they ask me for advice on couponing, is how to read the ad. Don't always assume the advertised "sale" prices is the best price, or even a good one. I have to scan all the local ads, to compare, and some places may have the same products as "on sale" but there is a much lower price elsewhere (as you will see below with the strawberries, there is a difference between the two lowest price stores by 20 cents! Also remember that most grocery stores do not price mat. Once you have been watching the various sales for a few weeks, you will start to see patterns emerge. You will learn what things go on sale and how often. You will also learn what the rock bottom price is, what your stock up price is, and what you max. buying price is. The difference would be this: you might be willing to pay a little more, to an extent, if you are completely out of a product that you just have to have. Then again, when you find a pretty good price that you don't see as often, that would be the time to stock up if you are getting low. And then, when it hits that rock bottom price, many times it is free or pennies on the dollar compared to the regular retail price normally is, you might buy it even if you have plenty-to store for later or to donate!

So without further ado, here are my favorite picks, from this week's Superlo ad, that I will be buying!

SuperLo Foods
*Whole boneless pork loin $1.79/lb **BEST PRICE**(I just paid $2.29/lb at Kroger the other day and that was a decent deal, this is even better than that!)

Ground Chuck, 80% lean, Certified Angus beef $2.49 **BEST PRICE** Sidenote: If you are like me, you are looking to get away from the whole "pink slime" meat. I have found a website online that lists some stores that sell "pink-slime free" in several stores. I cannot speak for Superlo Foods, but I have sent them an email to find out for my self, if this beef is free of it.

Boneless Skinless Chicken breast, (frozen) $1.49/lb **BEST PRICE** Sidenote: My buying point for B/S chicken breast @Kroger is $1.99/lb, which is their on-sale price. This is even better than that, so I would say Stock up!!!

King Cotton sliced Bacon, 3lb pkg. $7.99 **VERY GOOD PRICE** This is less than $3/lb which you can regularly find cheap store bacon for that price, I would say if you use bacon a lot (we use turkey bacon)You might buy a package or two to save $$.

SuperLo Produce

8 oz pkg whole fresh mushrooms, $.99
1 lb bag mini peeled carrots, $.99
10 lb bag red potatoes, $1.99 **BEST PRICE**
1 lb pkg Strawberries, $.99 (see Aldi's ad below, $.79)
1 Cantalope, $.99
Broccoli, $.99

Other great sale prices:

Hunts Ketchup $.78
Nabisco Chips Ahoy $1.78
Sunny D, $1 (We don't drink this, but if you do, I think there are $.50/1 coupons out there.)
Kraft BBQ Sauce, $.68
Honeysuckle White fresh sliced turkey from Deli, $3.99/lb!!! **BEST PRICE**

ALDI ad:
Fresh Produce
Strawberries, 1lb $.79 **Best price**
Cantaloupe, $.99
Anjou Pears, $.89
Naval Oranges, 4lb bag $1.29
Grapes, 1lb, $.79
Pineapple, $.99

Other good deals:

Fresh split (bone in kind) Chicken breast $.89/lb **BEST PRICE**

Fresh whole fryers (to roast or bake a whole chicken) $.79/lb **VERY GOOD PRICE**

Butter, 1lb $1.99 **BEST PRICE** (at kroger this is normally about $3)

Also, they have some good prices of various types of hams:Spiral Sliced, cooked, raw, etc. Spiral sliced hams look to be $1.69-$1.99/lb, and the raw hams look to be $1.19-$1.39/lb. If you are planning on buying one for Easter, you might check them out to see if it's what you are looking for. :D

Save A Lot deals
Note: It will not pull up our local Save-A-Lot weekly ad this week, so I am going by the Arkansas ad, which is the closest to us. I would imagine it is nearly the same, but don't quote me on these prices, as it isn't our specific ad, and sometimes they vary slightly.

Green cabbage, $.25/lb

Yellow onions, 3lb bag $.99

Refridgerated Shredded Hashbrowns, 14 oz bag (these are much easier to use than shredding your own like I have been doing and great if you are making breakfast for dinner) $1

Fresh, Whole Roasting Chicken $.89 (see Aldi Ad, $.79)

2lb bag of carrots (these are the raw, uncut full size carrots) $.99 Pillsbury Buttermilk Biscuits, $.50 a can

Blue Bonnet Margarine, $.69

Kraft Shredded cheese, $2 **BEST PRICE** Also, there have been printable coupons available for Kraft cheese, so be on the lookout for mfr coupons and printables in your binder.

Hams: Raw, bone in, $.99-$1.19/lb

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Madness!

So today is the last day of the Kroger ad week, although I do believe this "March Madness" Mega sale is continuing another week. I went after my hubby got home last night to stock up on several items. I have to admit, since I started watching other people's kids here 6 days a week, I have gotten lazy with the cutting. I also cancelled my newspaper back before Christmas because they kept not putting coupons in it, or they would be missing certain inserts and ads. I just got tired of it, and decided to cancel and just buy it at the drugstores. Well, since then, they have started only having coupons in the delivered paper, and that doesn't seem to be changing any time soon, so I have been meaning to get the delivery started up again. Anyhoo, I have been really busy with homeschool and taking care of all the kiddos around here, haven't even updated my personal blog much. But, I have been working on something that I think you guys are going to like. I've been writing a coupon how-to guide, that can be purchased on amazon for your kindle or android e-readers. I'm hoping to make some extra cash, but also to help you guys have a straightforward guide that gives you clear cut answers to the things you've been wanting to know. Expect to see that in the next month or so, as I am nearly done, but still need to proof read it! Now, that being said, I have been asked to do a write up of the shopping trip I posted last Night. I paid just $105 for a cart full of groceries. While that may not sound like much of a savings, let me just say that $40 of that was produce and fresh meat. I got a couple large pork loins, for only $8-10 each, because they were on sale for nearly half off this week..I also got some chicken and some fruits/veggies. I am actually meaning to make a trip to Aldi for more produce, since we are not eating as much processed foods as we used to-this trip was just more quick meals and snacks.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you guys, since I don't think I have blogged about coupons since we found out. Jacob had a sudden wheat allergy pop up almost 2 months ago, and we were puzzled by it, because he kept having more and more severe reactions, and we finally determined that it was due to wheat and other grains. This lead us to discover that he is very likely suffering (in addition to, as it is not related to the allergy that we know of) from Celiac's Disease. I won't go into all the details, so as not to bore you all who follow my personal blog and have already heard the whole ordeal, but basically, Celiac's disease is an auto-immune disease that is caused by the body not tolerating gluten in foods. Gluten is found in most bread and bread-type products and processed foods. Basically, we have to avoid anything that is wheat, barley, rye, etc. This is hard because it is in MOST things, even things you wouldn't think about. I won't say it's changed the way the rest of us eat, but I do have to be cautious when I am cooking things for everyone that nothing he eats touches our gluten-laden foods. I am also trying to eat healthier and cook fresher, and I buy much more fresh produce than I used to. Most of what we eat is lean meat, brown rice, salads, and fresh cooked veggies. However, I do still have 3 picky kids to feed, plus the two kids during the week that eat here. So I do still buy plenty of ready to eat food for lunches. You will see, the trip I did last night is mostly kid friendly food-crackers, hot dogs (gosh, those things are the worst, too!!) Lots of kid cereal (and some gluten free cereal!!)as well as cheese, eggs, and milk. So yeh, just because you see the super savings on this trip, and it is "junk" to some of you, don't assume that you can't save money with coupons if you don't eat any of this. I have posted about that before, but it just so happens that this particular trip was a stock up trip for things for the kids' lunches for the next several weeks.

Ok, so here goes: Non-mega sale items:

2 Hostess Twinkies, B1G1 free (1 @ $4.29) use 1 $.75/1 coupon for chocolate creme filled variety, printable (It does not let you use a coupon on the free one, since the sale is BlG1 free)

4 family size boxes of Kellogg's Fruit Loops (17 oz size, be sure not to buy the mega sale fruit loops, as they are more)ringing up $1.50 each, unadvertised sale!!

3 famiy size boxes of Kellogg's Frosted Shredded Mini Wheats, ringing up $1.50 each, unadvertised sale!!

2 blocks of Kroger cheese, 1 1lb @$2.99each

1 Kroger sliced American cheese, 24 count $2.99

18 ct. Kroger Eggs, $1.88

2 Kroger Milk, @ $2.78 each

2 Ortega Seasoning @$.89 each use $.50/2 any ortega product coupon

1 Got2be styling hair gel $3 use $3 off any 1 got2be full size product

1 Mentos Up2U gum, $1 Use $1/1 coupon, any up2u gum

1 tray of St. Patrick's Day cookies, @$.99 Originally $6.99 on mark down in the manager's special bread shelf. This is one of my favorite places to check in the store. I can't justify spending a ton on bread now that Jacob can't eat it, and I don't bake much anymore now either. So this is a great place I can score great deals, and then freeze them. Just as a note though, I have no idea who would pay $6.99 for a tray of about 20 cookies with sprinkles, but maybe it's just me.

*Mega sale items* You need to buy 10 participating items (not 10 of the same item, can be mix/match) to get the price listed. The price listed is the final price you pay before coupons. The way the mega sale usually works is, when you use your Kroger card, you will get the sale price, and then when you buy 10 items from the Mega sale, you will get $5 taken off, that breaks up as $.50 per item.

3 boxes of Kellogg's Gluten Free Rice Krispies cereal (10 total Kellogg's cereal so far, including Mega and Non Mega) Use two $5/5 Kellogg's -not available anymore, but it was available two separate times a few weeks ago and expired yesterday. There are still $1/3 and $1/2 coupons out there to print, if you look for them.

2 Planter's Peanut Butter @ $2.79 each use $.50/1 coupon or $1/1 coupon (there are printable and insert coupons out there

1 French's Spicy Brown Mustard @$.99 use $.30/1 coupon

1 Vlassic pickles, $2.89 use 1 $.50/1 coupon

2 Kraft Velveeta Cheesy Skillets $2.19 each use $1/1 coupon, from the Velveeta Cheesy Skillet's Facebook page

5 Oscar Meyer Weiners @$1.49 each Side note: These were $1, as were the bologna, just a few weeks ago at Savealot. I really wish I would have bought a freezer full, as both freeze well, and keep a long time in the fridge as well. However, this $1.49 is still a great stock up price.

2 Oscar Meyer Bologna $1.49

4 boxes of Wheat Thins, @ $1.99 each Use 2 $1/2 coupons, from the Kraft super bowl recipe book (I had several of these, I got from family and friends)

4 boxes of Ritz Crackers, @ $1.99 each Use 2 $1/2 coupons from the Kraft super bowl recipe book

3 Bumble Bee tuna Premium pouches @$.79 each Use $1/1 printable coupon (I think it was from the Bumble bee Facebook page) and Use $1/2 printable coupon (not sure where I got that, sorry)

1 Palmolive dish liquid, 25 oz. $1.99 use $.50/1 coupon from

4 Kraft Salad dressing @$1.69 each

3 Kraft Fresh Take Cheese and Breadcrumb mix, @1.69 Use 1 $1/2 any Kraft cheese, Philly cooking creme, or fresh takes and Use $1/1 Kraft Fresh Take from inserts **There should still be coupons available on I also saw on the larger packs of boneless skinless chicken breast there was $1/1 coupons to go with it, if you bought chicken and fresh takes together.

3 Kraft Philly Cooking Creme @$2.79 Use 1 $1/2 coupon from insert and use $.55 cents of

1 Frank's Hot sauce, $1.99 Use $.75/1 coupon

1 Yakisoba Noodles@ $1, U use $.50/1 coupon that doubles

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kroger round 2

So since my dork of a husband unplugged the laptop and my first one got deleted, I'll make this short and sweet. I made a quick run to Kroger this morning to use the rest of my Nesquik coupons and the other coupons I had that Kroger had sent me that were expiring today. Anyhow, here's what I got:
16 cans of Chef Boyardee Ravioli @ $1 (and used 4 coupons for $1/4 from smart source insert)
12 Snack pack pudding (4 count each)@ $1 and used 4 coupons for .40/3 that doubled
20 pouches of nestlequik @ $1.15 each and used 20
6 boxes of ortega shells (found $1 each peelies on the box)
1 poise pads @$5.39 and used my kroger coupon for a free one up to $6
1 Oscar Meyer Hot dogs @ $3.79 and used my kroger coupon for a free one
1 9oz Oscar Meyer lunch meat (not sure about price) and used my kroger coupon for a free one
1 Kroger lunch meat @ $3 and used my kroger coupon for .40/1
1 Fleishmann's Margarine @ $1.25 and used my .25/1 coupon loaded to my Kroger card
2 1 lb blocks of Kroger cheddar cheese @ $2.99. (reg price $5.29)

It ended up costing me $33 and change, and was over $101 originally before sales and coupons!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

getting organized

So, my "puny" little stockpile got an overhaul today...Finally got some order to the stockpile again. This next year, I have a goal of tripling the size of my stockpile, so I can donate more to family, friends, and those in need. I also want to get a year's worth supply of items that don't expire for us to keep at home to have for emergency back up. That's the goal at least. Toothpaste is a big one. Last year, when Kroger let you stack mfr and e-coupons, I bought several tubes, and the only time I've bought them since if if they were free. I gave alot away recently, so it looks pretty wimpy now, but mostly because I haven't had much of a budget for this type stuff since we tightened our grocery budget.

Instead, I only buy stuff when its at the 75% off pricepoint (except diapers). That has been my big saver this year. Finding a low low price and stocking up in a big way. Of course it doesn't always happen that way, and sometimes you just have to take what you can get. Like I bought 3 cans of pasta sauce and manwich last night. But it was on sale for $1(normal for sale price) but then I had a rare E coupon to go with it, for 3 of them. So that's what I bought. This time last year, I bought several boxes of pasta (for free) and we are STILL eating on it! Now I have a few cans of sauce to go with it! We especially love the veggie pasta.

I also have a goal of bulding up an actual first aid kit, not just a medicine shelf. I don't think I paid more than $2 for EVERYTHING combined,on that medicine shelf. Most of it was free after coupons and catalina deals. I've got lots of cold meds, cough drops, kleenex, ocillococcum (or however you spell it...its homeopathic flu meds for kids...good stuff), benadryl, bandaids, contact solution and lots of other stuff.

I have about a 6 month supply of shampoo/conditioner now, so the only time I need to buy it now is if it's free, or if someone I know needs it. I also want to buy 2-3 more boxes of diapers and build of a wipes stock again. I finally just bought the first diaper wipes at all since May of last year. Kroger had a mega sale and I ended up getting like 40 (I think...maybe 30??) packs of wipes for free. Anyways, we are just now back out again. But Kroger had a sale on Comforts (kroger brand ) baby items and there were tubs of wipes for like $1.69 (i think...??) and I had .60/1 coupons (3 of them) loaded to my kroger card. So now I've three boxes of wipes again.

I feel like I'm starting all over building my stockpile again, when I look at where it was at certain points over last year. But the truth of it is, if I kept it all to myself, how selfish would that be? I try to give away as much as we can part with, while still being able to be responsible as far as providing for my own family goes. I don't see couponing and having a stockpile as "hoarding" because I don't waste stuff. Everything gets used either by us, my extended family, friends or a food pantry. In fact, I had intentions of giving a good percentage of a shopping trip for canned goods over to a food pantry a while back, and we've had to fall back on it for our own use to make ends meet. So I think stockpiling makes a lot of sense. I believe that if we are responsible with our money, God will take care of us. For me, that means being financially independent. There was a time when my husband was not working and we had to rely on food stamps. I don't want to be in that position again. I think it is a good thing, and should be available for a limited time if you need it. But I think there are many out there who take advantage of the system in order to not have to do for themselves. So, truth be told, I coupon because I feel like it's the responsible thing to do. JMO.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Supa Sava!!!

So I took the lil man shopping with me tonight. This was probably one of the easiest trips I have done in a while, to have gotten so many items. I have to say 1) If you haven't started putting ecoupons on your Kroger card, you have got to!! There are some pretty great ones right now, that go along with the P&G sale going on right now. Also, sometimes Kroger will have promotional deals where they have special high value coupons for limited time to download them, and then you have several weeks (usually) to use it. Like I had 3 coupons for kroger brand baby wipes on the card, for .60/1 each expiring a month apart.
2) I am really enjoying having Kroger so close to the house. I'll be honest, when I found out several months ago that we were losing all our area Schnucks, I was worried. Not so much because I was losing my favorite store-I rarely shopped there, at least not like I shop at Kroger. But I was afraid Kroger's prices would significantly rise, as they were losing a major competitor that also double coupons. Back last summer, I was able to stock up on several items in bulk (12 bottles of bbq sauce, 6 bottles of mustard, etc...) we are still using them!

So we have been living off the stockpile for the last few days, since I haven't had time or energy to get to the store. I made myself go tonight, after seeing alot of the great deals at Kroger tonight. Let me preface it with this, I mostly used E coupons tonight, and just a couple printable coupons. Kroger limits printable coupons to 2 coupons per brand of product (so now more than 2 internet coupons of kellogs, not more than 2 of yoplait, etc) It works out perfect for me, because we only have one computer that can print, and each computer you have can print 2 of the coupons (from most websites like,

So we have been trying to eat better around here, and part of the plan for this week was to stock up on on healthier foods. I found a deal on Yoplait yogurt cups. They are on sale at Kroger for .60 each. I have coupons for .40 off 6, which doubles at all Kroger in our area to .80/6. I bought 12 cups, used 2 of the coupons, and then b/c I bought 12, it printed out $1.25 off my next order! So I ended up getting them for about 43 cents a cup! Hannah and Jonah love yogurt, so I stocked up!!

Kroger in our area also has a deal on Kashi and Kelloggs Special K and Fiberone Cereals. So I hunted online for coupons for those items and I found some good ones. If you a member of recyclebank, they have a $2 off any kashi product coupon on there. Also, Kelloggs website has coupons too (not a lot but some) that you can use.

Another thing I have found that saves tons is shopping the manager's specials. I scored big time on some items tonight. I like to buy bakery pies, rolls, and breads from manager's special, because they are often 75% off the orig. price, and they can be frozen if you won't eat them in the next day or two. Plus, day old french bread makes great french toast or homemade croutons! The manager special bread is always in the bread section. Other manager's special items are usually in a different section, everything thrown together. In my Kroger, the clearance stuff is next to the health foods section. I scored some super cheap baking staples for pennies on the dollar! I got 2 boxes of Swan's Down Cake flour reg price $3.19, clearance price $1.50. I got 4 cannister's of Kroger brand cocoa powder reg. price $2.99, I paid $1.30. I found 4 boxes of Kelloggs KRAVE cereal, reg price $4.19, marked down to $2, and on the box was a coupon for $1 off 2 boxes. You can bet that I used my keys and sawed into that box right then and "cut" those coupons out.
And let me say this, just because it is on Manager's special doesn't mean it's expired. Sometimes, they buy items that just don't sell, so they mark it down. Sometimes the manufacturer changes the packaging and they want to get rid of the old style quickly. Sometimes they order too much and need to sell it so they don't have to store it. Sometimes the outer pallet is damaged but the inner contents is salvagable. Sometimes it is close to or after it's exp. date. There are all kinds of reasons for things going onto manager's special and there are things that I will and won't buy on it. I will never buy chicken on mgr special for example-both times I bought chicken that was marked down, it smelled rancid when we opened it up. But as long as they have another day or two, and look fresh, I will buy beef if it's cheap enough. But these items were all 6 months or more away from the exp. date so there's no reason to NOT buy them!

Also one more tip is to compare prices of the different sizes. I always was told to buy the bigger size would save you money. This is true, to an extent. You just have to check though. Sometimes, it is to your advantage to buy the smaller size, especially when you are using coupons to buy them with. Example:
Jonah won't drink white milk, so I add just a little bit of Nesquik. We usually buy the tub of it, it's like $4.79 *or so, i'm not looking at it right this second* for a 37 serving container. A couple months ago, they put out coupons for .60 off any 1 nesquik. Now, that $4.79-$.60 (the .60 will double to $1.20 off) is still an ok price. But not if you buy much of it!
So using 1 coupon, it would be $3.59 for 37 serving tub.
Instead, Nesquik also has 7 serving packets for just $1.15. If I use that .60 coupon, it would take off a much higher percentage by using the smaller package. So you could get the 7 serving package completely free. So for every coupon you have, you can get a free pouch! Now, I will say, I don't do this often, but I did order coupons online for this. The nesquik coupon expires Sunday, so I wanted to be sure to get several. I paid $5 (from 2 people) total for 40 total coupons to be cut out for me and mailed to me quickly, on this. So if you add in the cost of coupon, I was able to get nearly 4 tubs worth, for $2.50 (just the price I paid to have them mail me their extra coupons they cut out!) I got 20 tonight (I made sure not to clear the shelf and leave some more for others, but I'll be going back to a different Kroger tomorrow or Sunday to get 20 more. This is one of those ways to save big, BUY IN BULK!!

Ok, so all that being said....
This was what it looked like when I got home and unloaded it all. Only thing missing is the milk (in the fridge) and the potatoes (out of the picture).

So here's the breakdown of what I bought.
3 tubs of Comfort baby wipes
2 canisters of baby puffs
1 box Luvs diapers
1 pack Charmin 12 pk double rolls, ultra soft
1 comforts baby diaper rash cream
4 packs Bic crystal pens
3 cans manwich
3 cans hunts spaghetti sauce
2 boxes Swans Down Cake flour
4 canisters Kroger Cocoa powder
1 bottle veg. Oil
1 bottle EV olive oil
2 boxes Kashi cereal
2 boxes Fiberone Cereal
4 boxes Kelloggs KRAVE
12 cups Yoplait yogurt
1 Marine Callender's Family lasagna
1 bag banquet chicken nuggets
2 febreeze air freshener sprays
1 febreeze plug in
2 Swiss Miss hot cocoa, 10 ct.
1 Old Spice Deodorant
1 Secret Deodorant
1 case of Kroger brand bottled water
1 bottle Ken's salad dressing
2 family packs of boneless skinless chicken @ $1.99/lb
1 4pk Ribeye steaks @ $6.99/lb
1 box parkay margarine
24 count american cheese, kroger brand
1 bottle Tide (approx 30 washes)
2 gallons milk
20 packets *7 svg size* Nesquik
an apple pie from the bakery
cinnamon raisin bread from the bakery

Total I paid, after tax $143.43
Total before coupons, kroger card, and manager's special prices, an est $270!!!
My reciept says savings of $110, or 44%, but it doesn't take into account the mgr special price as savings. It just marks it the price labeled on the item, and doesn't add those savings the the total.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

'Tis the season to be saving, fa la la la la la la la la

Store #1-CVS

Select varieties character band-aids $2.99
Use $.50/1 band-aid brand product
Pay $2.50

Ricola Cough Drops, on sale 2/$3
Use 2 $1/1 Ricola
Pay $1

Est. Reg. Retail Price $8
Total Before Coupons/ECB: $6
I started with $3 (and $2 but I didn't need to use it) Extra bucks from last week so,
Out of pocket cost: $.50 plus tax. If you had no ECB to start, you would pay $3.50 + tax.
I recieved $3 in Extra bucks from this purchase.

Store #2-Rite Aid

Transaction #1
3 Nivea Lip Care, on sale $2 each
Use $3/2 mfr coupon from insert
and use $1/1 internet printable coupon HERE

3 Orbit Gum (or other variety, see ad) on sale $1 each
Use $.25/1 from Rite Aid Video Values printable store coupon

1 Trident layers gum, on sale $1 each
Use $.50/1 from Rite Aid Video Values

1 Lysol Healthy Touch Hand System, on sale $7.99
Use $5/1 Rite Aid Video Values
and use $.75/1 mfr coupon HERE

2 Christmas Peeps, on sale 2/$1
Use $1/2 internet printable (if you printed it when it was available)

2 $1 Stocking stuffers, reg price (I chose Disney kids' playing cards)

*Est Regular Retail Price $29.00
Before Coupons total: $20.99
After Coupons (I didn't have any +up to start with) (oop total):$9.49 before tax
+up back: $5

Transaction 2:
Est. Reg. Price: $15.00
3 Coke 12 packs @ 3/9.99
Used $5 in +up rewards from last transaction
Paid OOP:$4.99 +tax
Recieved $2 back in +Up rewards

Store #3

2 packs Viva brand paper towels @ 2/$12
Use $3/2 coupon in the Walgreens December coupon book (free to everyone,
these are upfront by the ads in a display stand)
I'm sure there are mfr coupons out there, I just didn't have any

2 bottles Welch's Grape Juice, on sale @ 2/$6
Use the coupon in the ad to get the 2/$6 price (it does not have to be clipped out)
And use 2 $1/1 64 oz Welch's grape juice coupon

4 Nice! 1lb butters or Oscar Mayer Ready to eat bacon @2/$5
Use in ad coupon to get this price

3 Campbells Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soup, sale $.69 each
Use in ad coupon to get this price
**the only mfr coupon I had was for wyb 4 cans, the $.69 price was lmt of 3, so
in this case, there are no known mfr coupons that would work.

5 Hot Wheels Cars, sale price $.59
Use in ad coupon to get this price

1 5 count Zyrtec, $6.99 reg price
*I used my FREE (or $7 off other count) 5 count Zyrtec from a giveaway
a while back. I've been hanging on to it for months and it was about to expire
on the 31st.

It came to $59 regular retail price. (crazy huh??? I will NEVER pay regular
retail price again, hahahahaha)
I used the add coupons and it brought it down to $40, and then used
my "$15 off any $30 or greater purchase" jingle cash from last week.
Then I used my $7 off Zyrtec coupon, and the two $1 welches coupons
and it came down to $16 plus tax.

So total today I spent $30.99, and I still have $5 in various rewards back to use next time!!
If I had paid regular price, no coupons or anything it would have been $113.

Seriously????? $113 plus tax. Who would pay that much????
Guess what! If you don't use coupons and shop sales, YOU DO!!!!

I hope this offers you some encouragement to try couponing and to see what you can do to
stretch your money. After all, you work hard for it and I'm sure you don't want to
throw it away. And I will say this, I probably spent a half hour this time (for big grocery trips it's more) time
preparing for this. I just looked at the match ups online and pulled out what coupons I had for the things I needed.
I made a list, put the list and the coupons in an envelope and stuck to the list when I shopped. That is another big tip.
Don't deviate from your list because that is how they will get you paying more money! I have heard it said that couponers average
$80 an hour for the amount of time spent to save money. So for every hour you put into to, you will save an average of $80.
I challenge you to try it! I would love to help you get started and am happy to answer any questions you may have about how I have saved
THOUSANDS over the last year alone.

God bless you and yours and Merry Christmas!!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CVS deals of the week

So it is getting close to Christmas, and I know I am going to be doing some major shopping over the next week and a half, getting ready for it. I am hitting up each of the major drugstores and Kroger over the next few days trying to find the best deals on the things I need. I will go ahead and list my shopping lists and the coupons I am using, and maybe it will help some of you also.
**Also, bear in mind that these are the coupons I have, but it is hard to keep track of WHERE I got them. Just remember that if you think there is ANY realm of possibility that you might use it, it's best to clip it or print it when you have the chance. Otherwise you are likely to forget it is there in the insert, or they may run out of prints online. The sources I use for printable coupons are:,, facebook pages for the brand. The website of the store itself will also have either printable coupons of coupons to load to the store loyalty card.

Ok, so here's what's on my shopping list for CVS

Buy 1 Combos snacks (lim. 1 ecb), @$2
Buy 2 Mentos UP2U gum, $1.49 (listed as b1g1 free)
Buy 1 Blistex @ $.99
Use .55/1 coupon
Buy 1 Axe Holiday Gift Set @ $9.99
Use $3/1 Axe gift set coupon from last Sundays SS insert
Buy 2 Duracell Batteries (lim. 1 ecb) @ 9.99 each
(16 pk AA or AAA, or 8pk C or D are included)
Use $1.50/1 coupon from last Sunday's SS insert
and use .75/1 coupon
Buy 3 American Greetings Cards, est price between $.99 and $1.99 each
(limit 1 ecb deal wyb3; could be a possibly money maker, depending on on the price.)
Use $2 off wyb 3 American Greetings Cards (no price specified.

Total (w/o tax)
Total after coupons and $2 I had to start with: $28.61
Receive $12 back in ECB!!!!!!!