Sunday, February 27, 2011


Ok, just a short and sweet update. I am planning on doing some mjr shopping this week for groceries and stocking up. But I ran to Walgreens and rite aid today to grab a couple things before they all get bought up.\


If you still have your Motrin coupons (either $1/1 or $6/2 ) now is the time to stock up! Walgreens has Motrin pm on sale for $3 (regular $5) and then you get 3 in rr. I was fortunate to still have my $6/2 coupons from before.

Also, baby magic lotion and baby wash is $3 (regular $4) and you get $3 back in rr. I only had one .50c coupon from the gift basket the hospital gave me when jonah was born but still. They also had a few other great deals if you need them to check out on the back of the Walgreens ad-several of which are free after RR.

So I used my $6/2 coupon and bought the motrin pms (for free oop) plus I got RR back, making them a money maker!!! I also got a couple of the baby magic lotion and baby wash.

*Couple things to remember* Walgreens is tricky about their RR and doesn't really making Rolling them (using the RR from your last purchase towards the next one) as beneficial as they could. You certainly can use RR on any purchase, but let's say you purchase Baby Magic and pay the $3 for it. You won't get another RR if you use the Baby magic RR you got from the first one towards your second transaction. It can't be used on that transaction if you want another to print. Better to save them for a later purchase. Also, you can only use one mfr coupon per item-Register Rewards count as MFR coupons so if you want to use that PLUS a paper coupon toward an item, don't forget to add a filler item (cheap item that allows you to use the RR --Walgreens does not allow the # of coupons to exceed the # of items.)

Ok, Also...
@ Rite Aid this week, you can get those Amazing Nivea lip balms for $1!!!!! If you hurry, you can go to Nivea's fb page a print out (2 per computer, just hit the back button after it prints)a coupon for $2/2. I got 4 and literally just paid .28c (tax) on these!!!! Also if you go and they are sold out, get a rain check!!! Super easy you just ask the cashier.

*UPDATE!!!* Please don't be one of those people who comes in and buys all 10 of something. If you need a couple, do what I did and buy one or 2 from one store, and then go to another store. Use your best judgement based on the supply the store has. If they have dozens of something and its the last day of the sale, fine, by what you need. But just make sure everyone else has the chance to get a great deal too.

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