Sunday, February 27, 2011


Ok, just a short and sweet update. I am planning on doing some mjr shopping this week for groceries and stocking up. But I ran to Walgreens and rite aid today to grab a couple things before they all get bought up.\


If you still have your Motrin coupons (either $1/1 or $6/2 ) now is the time to stock up! Walgreens has Motrin pm on sale for $3 (regular $5) and then you get 3 in rr. I was fortunate to still have my $6/2 coupons from before.

Also, baby magic lotion and baby wash is $3 (regular $4) and you get $3 back in rr. I only had one .50c coupon from the gift basket the hospital gave me when jonah was born but still. They also had a few other great deals if you need them to check out on the back of the Walgreens ad-several of which are free after RR.

So I used my $6/2 coupon and bought the motrin pms (for free oop) plus I got RR back, making them a money maker!!! I also got a couple of the baby magic lotion and baby wash.

*Couple things to remember* Walgreens is tricky about their RR and doesn't really making Rolling them (using the RR from your last purchase towards the next one) as beneficial as they could. You certainly can use RR on any purchase, but let's say you purchase Baby Magic and pay the $3 for it. You won't get another RR if you use the Baby magic RR you got from the first one towards your second transaction. It can't be used on that transaction if you want another to print. Better to save them for a later purchase. Also, you can only use one mfr coupon per item-Register Rewards count as MFR coupons so if you want to use that PLUS a paper coupon toward an item, don't forget to add a filler item (cheap item that allows you to use the RR --Walgreens does not allow the # of coupons to exceed the # of items.)

Ok, Also...
@ Rite Aid this week, you can get those Amazing Nivea lip balms for $1!!!!! If you hurry, you can go to Nivea's fb page a print out (2 per computer, just hit the back button after it prints)a coupon for $2/2. I got 4 and literally just paid .28c (tax) on these!!!! Also if you go and they are sold out, get a rain check!!! Super easy you just ask the cashier.

*UPDATE!!!* Please don't be one of those people who comes in and buys all 10 of something. If you need a couple, do what I did and buy one or 2 from one store, and then go to another store. Use your best judgement based on the supply the store has. If they have dozens of something and its the last day of the sale, fine, by what you need. But just make sure everyone else has the chance to get a great deal too.

Friday, February 4, 2011

So many deals, So little time!

So many of us have been complaining the last couple weeks there haven't been that good of sales. I know it is a little late in the game (sorry, I have been busy!) but you still have time. Also remember if there is a deal you want but they are out you can get a raincheck. I know at least at the drugstores like Walgreens or Rite Aid, you just tell the checker that they were out. Sometimes you can ask and they can check if they have more, but they will just give you a slip to redeem for a raincheck for up to a month or more even, depending on the store.

Ok, so I did a huge shopping trip yesterday...pretty much bought groceries for the month. First I went to Rite Aid. Click here to go to Rite Aid's Website.

They have Colgate Total on sale for $2.99 and when you use your coupon (I had a $1/1 colgate total, but there is also a .75c coupon too-these are from the paper.) So you pay $2 out of pocket, but you get $2 in UP+ dollars back. So it's really like you are getting the item for free. They are also having a promo where you buy $30 in participating products, you get $10 in up back. The Colgate here is a part of that deal! There are also a couple deals involving things like Afrin or Metamucil that you may have coupons for that can count towards this. This is why you shouldn't throw the coupons away till they expire. You might be able to get items for free, or make money off of them.
I a couple things that were nearly free (after register rewards) but totaled $12 after my coupons. They had those Gillette Fusion razors powerglide manual or electric for $9.99. Then I had a $4 off coupon from 1/30 I think, and you get $5 back, making it .99 cents-limit 1*! I paid the 12 out of pocket and then did a 2nd transaction. This was for the "mega sale" items on the back of this weeks ad. They have chex mix for 2/$3. I had 3 coupons for $.50 off two, and I had 1 .50c off coupon from watching the video value on Rite Aid's website (I'll get to that later). Then they had lays stax for $1 and Edy's Ice Cream for $2.99. They also have dixie ultra plates for $4 buy they are b1g1 free. There is a video value on RA to watch for $3 off two, making them both $1!!! If you spend $15 on any of these (or anything on the back page) items before coupons, then you get a $5 UP+ back. You will also get $2 back for each Edy's Ice cream, $1 back for each lays stax, and $1 back from each chex.
They also have some great deals on other things, so check out their ad! They have Stayfree pads B1G1 free and if you have any of those stay free coupons from 2 weeks ago that are B1G1 free, you can get 2 free!!! There are many things with the "Buy and Save" logo. Those count towards the Winter rewards and if you spent $100 on those items-there are TONS- by the end of this month, you get an additional $20 back in rewards! It really isn't hard to do, even if you are buying things that are free or nearly free after Up points and coupons. It takes the sale price before any discounts to count toward this total. I earned $24 toward this just yesterday. Anyway, this is a pic of the back page.

Next, Schnucks is doing something new where they are supposedly lowering their (extragantly high) prices on regular items you use every day, like bread, milk, eggs etc. To me, the new "low" prices are basically comparable to the other stores prices now. BUT I was able to get some decent buys. Not necessarily "stock up" prices on most things, but if it's something you needed to buy anyways, it might be worth checking out. Like They had Kraft Dressings for 2/$4. Their regular price is $3.79 so it's not something I would normally buy there. But I had a coupon for $1/2 and so I got 2 bottles of dressing for $3. Also they have 1 lb bags of baby carrots for $1 (so does Kroger, fyi). The thing I really liked though was they had Apple juice, Cran Apple, and a couple other types for $1 each (normal size bottle). I think I bought like 10, lol :D

Target had some great deals but they were out of most of what I wanted unfortunately. They advised me to come back in today to check and see if they got more in--apparently they get a truck in on Fridays. But I still got some great deals. I had a $1/1 anh johnson and johnson baby product and target had 9 oz baby wash with a 4 oz baby bubble wash too for $1.99, so I got them both for .99 each! Also, I found purell 2 oz bottles (no this is not the trial size) for $1.29 at my store. Apparently they are also .97 at some stores, but I had a $1/1 coupon so I picked up a couple for just .29 cents each. Also, if you have the coupon that came out in last weeks paper -it was buy any Oil of Olay bar, get a free secret deodorant up to $3. If you look in their travel section they have oil of olay bars for .97 cents for a full size bar. Now, there are two ways you could do this. For around $4, they had twin packs of deodorant. So you could get that, and just pay $1 on each, since it only goes up to $3. You would get 8 deodorant and 4 bars of Oil of Olay for $8 OR, @ my Target they had single deodorants for 2.38 so you would not have to pay any out of pocket for the deodorants that way, just the soap-which is what I did. Also, I found Maalox there for about $3.50 and I still had a $5 coupon from a couple weeks ago. Another neat find was these HUGE bottles of Pantene pro V twin packs. It had a huge bottle and a regular size bottle twin packed together marked down on closeout/clearance to just $2.98. I had a $3/2 coupon so I got two sets of the twin packs for a less than $3!!! They had Kraft shredded cheese for $2 and Target's website has a coupon for $1.25 off 1, and a few weeks ago they had a .75c/1 coupon too, so I used those and got two bags for $1 each. They had a decent deal on Tostitos too. When you buy any 2 Tostitos @ 2.50 each, you get a free Tostitos salsa. I also had a $1/1 coupon for that that I got off their website so I got 2 chips and two salsas for $6.50. I'm not sure if you can use the $1/1 coupon on the "free" salsa, so if anyone does it this way you could get 2 chips and 1 salsa for $4-if they allow it. Again, I wasn't sure so I just went ahead and bought an extra salsa for $1.50--still a good deal.

Lastly, I stocked up on canned stuff @ Kroger. Hunts Tomato sauce/paste/diced etc are just .49c, Rotel .49 c, Hormel Chili .49 (I got these for free because I had printable coupons for .55 off two), Del Monte Canned Vegetables for .49 Armour frozen meatballs 2.50 (I had a several coupons for $1 off, so I got them for $1.50), canned vegetables .49c and Krusteaz pancake mix. I bought several of the boxes of pancake mix because they were $1.79 on sale and I had $1/1 coupons! They are regular "bisquick size" boxes too, not the pouches for serving. All these were on sale and then to get the prices I mentioned, you had to buy any 10 (mix/match) to save. They had lots and lots of deals, that was just some of what I got. Also you can save more if you load coupons on your Kroger card as well. They had a similar deal to Rite Aid, on the Gillette fusion razors. They were $10, and I used my $4 coupon and they had a $4 e coupon that stacked, making it just $2. They had suave shampoo, body wash, and hair products for $1.67. I had an e-coupon for them, and a b2g1 free mfr coupon that stacked to make these a sweet deal! Also, if you played the Kraft noodle game a while back and still have those b1g1 free easy mac coupons, now's a good time to use them because they are on sale for .49 also when you buy any 10 part. items. There are so many great items that are a part of that deal, it's worth just checking it out. Go to KROGER's website to check out the ad or load e coupons to your card!!

Feel free to post any great deals you find on here in the comments below :D
Happy shopping!!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time Flies!!

Wow, I can't believe it's already February!!
I will be updating hopefully later today or tomorrow with some great deals to get before the week is out! Keep watching for more :D