Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to score MEGA with the Mega Sale!

So I had the chance to stock up on alot of canned goods this past week that I am very excited about. This just goes to show you that it is WORTH the wait to hold out for rock bottom prices and buy all that you can afford to buy before it will expire. For this particular trip, I was looking to restock not only my pantry but my church's as well. My church has a food pantry that is particularly scare this time of year. As a quick side note, especially with this time of year, please be mindful of those less fortunate. Most of us are very blessed to not have to go hungry. I have a stockpile I can go to for cereal and snacks and my kids are far from starving (although that seems to be their favorite catch phrase when the stomach starts to growl.) Also, if you can, I HIGHLY recommend donating to your local food pantry or even just someone you know who may need a little extra help feeding their family this holiday season. I know we are going to help deliver meals this thanksgiving to families in our community. Things like that are a great way to help others and that's a big part of my relationship with God I am trying to work on-serving. Anyways.

So, as far as savings go- I'll go ahead and share one of the pictures I took of the pantry before I divided the food up.

I ended up getting over $260 worth of groceries for just $125! It included 15 bags of frozen veggies, 10 healthy choice meals, 20 cans of chicken/beef broth, 10 cans of Campbells cream of chicken/mushroom soup, 20 boxes of Annie's Organic Mac N cheese, 2 boxes of velveeta, 10 cases of capri suns, 2 boxes of stove top stuffing, 2 boxes of ritz, american cheese, and 30 cans of vegetables. So see, you really can save a ton if you just stock up at the lowest price. I probably won't have to buy many of those items again all winter!

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  1. Wooops!!! That isn't a picture of what I bought!!! That's a picture of my husband at his birthday dinner out at Texas de Brazil. Ironically, we used a coupon for that too! B1G1 free --$42.95 value!!!