Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 18-24 Deals

Sav alot
holten extra value beef patties 1.99 (6 ct)
dozen eggs $.99
jumbo tomato $.99/lb
potatoes $1.49/lb
libby's steam bag .69
dill pickles $1.69
beans $.79
fudgesicles/popsicles 8 ct $1
foam plates 100 ct $2

fresh express salad $.98c
splt ck br. $.97/lb
kelloggs frosted flakes $1.88(kellogs page has a printable q for $1/2)
kelloggs pop tarts $1.88
kelloggs fruit snacks $1.88
special k bars/crackers $1.88
keebler chips deluxe or fudge shoppe $1.88
ocean spray juice $2
land o frost 10 oz meat $2
Tyson Family pk. frozen breaded chk breast or chk strips, setc $6.99
Vlassic pickles 16 oz, $2
Oscar meyer beef franks, $3 (fat free, cheese, or xxl)
purex 24-32 loads $1.99
cottonelle 12 dbl rolls $6.99
hormel completes $2
kids kitchen beans and weiners $1
barilla sauce $2
hungry jack syrup $2.79 (27 oz)
hungry jack mix 28-32 oz $1.79
peter pan pb 3/$5
Cinnamon burst cheerios, 10 oz
Whole grain Total, 10.6 oz
Cookie crisp 11.2 oz
Honey Nut cheerios, 12.25 oz
nature valley granola bars $2.50
Family Size Oreos 24-26 oz $3.48
Chips Ahoy, 24-26 oz $3.48
Nutter butter (10-16 oz) $3
Doritos 11-12 oz bag $2
Welches grape juice 59 oz $3
Eggo waffles, 8 ct $2
Eggo french toast, pancakes $2.50
kid cuisine $1.67
capri sun $2
fresh express salad mix .98

Hefty freezer or storage bags, $3.29 b1g1free (-$1/2 mfr coupon, and -$1/2 wags coupon)


1 Strawberries $1.98/lb
4 Kraft Singles $1.79 (-$1 printable coupon off the 2% kind which is included)
6 Kelloggs cereals (select kinds) $1.98
1 Kroger Eggs $1.77 for 18
1 LAYS POTATO CHIPS Select Varieties, 10-10.5 oz @ $2.18
1 Lawry's Marinade, 12oz - $1.49
Trop50 Juice, 59oz - $2.88
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars - $1.98
Kroger Ground Turkey $1.79/lb.
4 oscar meyer bologna $1
boneless breasts $1.97/lb

Green giant veggies .99
Aunt Jemima pancakes/waffles
Sister Schubert Rolls $1.99
New York Garlic bread $1.99
Tyson Frozen Chicken, select varieties - $3.99
Cool Whip, 8oz - $0.89
Stouffers family size Lasagna $6.99

Friday, May 13, 2011


Ok, so again, sorry for not updating sooner. We are having a crazy busy time right now wrapping up our school year. Hannah's kindergarten graduation is next week. Wow, I can't believe we are halfway through May already! Wild, huh? Anyways, So sorry for not having any pictures here, and if you read the last few posts, I believe I have posted good places to go for Match ups. But I would like to post some of my favorites that you can take advantage of.
*Please bare with me, as I don't have the listing of where I found the coupon, but again those matchups are ALL over, the internet. Check out, or

Kroger-great mega sale last week and continuing through this coming Tuesday.
1)Ronzoni pasta is on sale for .49 each* (HERE or HERE for $1/2 coupons, making them free!!)
2)Mom's Natural Cereal (in organic foods section) .99 each* no coupons needed
3)Silk Almond Milk -Original, Vanilla, or Chocolate $1.99* for a half gallon
printable coupon for up to $1.25 off here
4)Boulder Canyon Potato Chips (in organic foods section) .99 each* and @ there are coupons for $1/1 bag and $1/2 bags. (Be sure to have the installer on your pc first, because you don't want to mess up the chance of printing these!!)