Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ringing in the new year

So it looks like I will be ringing in the new year with savings... :D After finally getting organized I made several purchases this week that added up to big savings!

My first trip I went to Kroger, and took advantage of some sales on the last day of their ad, matched them with coupons on my kroger plus card as well as manufacturer's coupons. I scored $4.50 packages of jimmy dean sausage for $1.50. And Kroger had a deal for when I bought 2 packages of sausage, I got a free carton of eggs. I got 4-30 oz. tubes of pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough, free birdseye vegetables (they were on sale for $1 and I had a couple $1 off coupons, 2 free candy bars (50 cents each regular price and coupon was .50 cent off that doubled), children's triaminic for .29 cents when i matched the online coupon with the sale and the mfr coupon. I got canned biscuits for just over $1 a can (again matched e coupons, with a 3/$5 sale, and had .30-.50 c off coupons that doubled. I spent a total of $33 and saved a total of $38. Wooohoo!!!

Next trip was back to Kroger again.
I went back once the new sale started and scored even more sweet deals.
They had a buy 4 participating items, get $4 off instantly deal. I matched it with coupons, some that doubled making the average price about $1 with many things being completely free. They had old spice or secret deodorant on sale for $1.29. Then I had a couple coupons for $1/2, an e coupon, and one for buy 1 deodorant get 1 full size body wash free. (So for around $2 I bought 3 old spice deodorants and a body wash. Yay for hubby!) I later went back an bought more deodorant so hopefully hubby will be good till at least spring time. I also noticed that Vick's Sinex nasal spray was like $7.49 on sale and I had an $4 e coupon and a $4 off coupon from the mfr, making it pay me to buy it! That's called overage. Not all stores give you the overage, some cut it off at the purchase price-it just depends. I also got a huge 12 pack of charmin double rolls for just $2.50 (again I used coupons matched with the sale and an e coupon loaded to my kroger card.) I also got tampax pearl tampons for something like $.49, since I again had a coupon and an e-coupon. I spent a total of $15 and saved over $50 which was a total of 76%.

I also hit up target and bought the mini chicken sandwiches from the freezer section. They were target brand, and even though there were only 6 in there (they were small, hence the "mini") it was a great deal because it was on sale for $2, and I had a coupon for $1.50 off any market pantry (target brand) frozen chicken item, making them just .50!!!

Yesterday I made a couple drug store runs to get great deals that matched my coupons. Gillette fusion (for men) razors ten to run about $10-$12. I had coupons for $4 off and the store price offered $4 back in register rewards (both at walgreens and cvs, so I went to both making them just $1.99. Many stores only allow you to do one of that particular deal. Walgreens is not one of them, but I had to go to both places anyways so I just used one at each store. I also scored some $6 nail polish for .99 (when you consider they turned around and handed me the register rewards to use right away, since I got $5 in rr on my reciept). I got pantene proV shampoos 2/$4 walked away with $2 in register rewards, making them $1 each!! I also went back to kroger and got many of these great deals from the day before AGAIN!!!

I payed less than 40 for everything here (this is combined from the trips above) and this isn't even everything.

Today I went to Walgreens, and I knew about a deal to buy some children's flu medicine for $8.99 to get $9 back in register rewards. Thanks to for the tip about this great deal!
I printed off a $2 coupon off the computer and paid $6.99 for the item (meaning the store paid me $2 to buy it.) I then turned around and used those $9 from yesterday's deals plus today's $9 rr, and bought several items. I used coupons for glad trash bags (both from the January coupon book to Walgreens, and also a coupon I printed on the computer) and then I had several coupons for Huggies. Huggies right now are 6.99 at Walgreens which really isn't a bad price. I was able to print out a couple $2.50 off/1 coupons and I had a $3/1 as well, I used the $3 coupon for 1 pack of diapers and the trash bag coupons and that made those items free (after I applied the register rewards). I also found Cheerios for $1.99 and I had coupons for those. You can find those in the paper from today, and online just about all the time. So I got them for 1.45 each-regular size boxes, not little ones, either!!

Oh, and I forgot to say, when I purchased the children's medicine, it also spit out a catalina coupon for a free box of breathe right strips (costs about $6-$7) which I turned around and used right then. I did make a 2nd trip to Walgreens also. Since I know my little man needs size 2 diapers I went ahead and bought some more. I did the same scenario (bought meds, turned around and used the RR coupon for $9 off my next purchase right away, and that time I bought the medicine it also gave me another coupon for breathe right strips. I only had a $2.50 off coupon for 1 diaper that time, and didn't buy the trash bags so I ended up having to pay $3.90 in tax, for 2 packs for diapers and some breath right strips. Not too bad. Total of this trip was around $50, but it was about $150 worth of stuff, and I still walked away with coupons and catalina deals to use next time.

Total spent on all these deals, approx, $125 and saved $250. I'd say that's pretty good, wouldn't you?

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