Monday, January 10, 2011

Ok, so as promised....

Lysol healthy touch was $1.99 after coupon and register rewards. The cereal was $1.25 a box but then I got $2 register rewards for buying 2 boxes...means they were like .25 a box!!
The razors were 3.99 after $1 rr and my b1g1 free coupon making them $2 each...probably could have done better considering they weren't on sale, just the $1 back rewards...but I needed them.
The pens were $1.99 each and I had 2 $2 off 1 coupon making them free.
Those toothbrushes were on sale @ walgreens for $2.99. I had a $1/1 coupon and a $2/2 coupon from MFR, and you can stack an MFR coupon with the walgreens in ad coupon for $2 off any total care reach product and so I got $3 off each tooth brush making them free.

Total out of pocket was $18, but I got $10 back in RR- a $7, a $1 and $2.

Ok, so then I went to another Walgreens and bought another of the lysol healthy touch. I used the $2 off rr from before, and my $3 coupon in the paper making it cost just $7 oop. Then I got another $7 back rr. I turned around and used that $7 rr, the first $7 rr, and the other $1 off rr (from first purchase) towards some wipes @$6, shaving cream for myself and hubby that were not on sale @$3 each, and a Loreal eyeshadow quad for $3.49 (that was originally $12!!) was like $2 something after tax.

So for like $30 after tax (which you have to pay the BEFORE discount tax amount) I got all that in 3 purchases at Walgreens.

Also, CVS has a deal going on thru saturday where you buy 6 12 packs of pepsi products for $20, and you get $10 back in Extra Care bucks (same deal as register rewards. It just prints on your ticket an you can turn around and use it on whatever your next purchase is.) So it's basically like getting 6 12 pack cases for $10 or around $1.66 each.

I got 6 renuzit air fresheners for .44 each (@.88c each, and I had a coupon from the paper for buy 3 get 3 free.) at CVS.

They also have a money making opportunity if you have several of the Finish dish tab coupons. You can buy 7@ $3 each, or $21. When you spend $20 on select cleaning products you get $10 back in Extra care bucks off your next purchase.(You can mix/match, on lysol sprays, wipes, toilet bowl cleaner, airwick ultra fresh matic, airwick warmers don't have to only do the dish tabs kind) then use 7 $2.25 off 1 coupons from the paper last week. So $21 -2.25. Making your out of pocket total be $4.25. Then you get your ECB, actually making you about $6 to spend!! (you can then turn around and use that right away on the pepsi deal if you like, making your OOP even less!)

I did not do this, since I had already used most of those coupons at walgreens last week. I did however, do this:

$27.28 before sale....-$10 extra care bucks I earned,
$17. 28 - $5 because one of those airwich refills was free with a coupon. -$4 coupon off the Airwick ultra kit. -$2.25 of those finish tabs with my coupon, -$2.64 because 3 of those renuzits were free with my coupon. So all this was $3.39!!!!!

I went to kroger to see if I could get any more of the dawn hand renewals or regular dawn-as I recieved some coupons i ordered in the mail today...but they were out of everything!!! Oh well :( Maybe they will continue the deal next week, but I doubt it, as this was the 2nd week for it.

So anyways, I have been working on a stock pile, and even though it's very small compared to some...I think it's pretty great, considering how little I spent on these items. I don't really want to have alot of excess, I just want to get it to where I don't have to pay full price for staple items--like I did today with the wipes and shaving cream. After a while, I will only buy again when it is on sale, and buy all that my family can use in say, a 3 month period before it will go on sale again for cheap. That way, I am saving money. This is not everything, considering alot of it, we have already put in places-ie the toilet paper, body wash etc..... but here it is so far. Keep in mind most of this was very cheap or free--see earlier posts for the other item info. And the glade stuff on the bottom...those air sprays were .17 after a $1/1 coupon when it was marked down after Christmas on the apple cinnamon air freshener...which I could spray all year round. Love that stuff. The candles were like .25. All those were on sale @ walmart after Christmas so they were 50% off and then I had coupons on top of that price....

******EDIT--See, kids...this is why it pays (literally) to comparison shop. The exact shaving cream I bought @ walgreens without a coupon that was not on sale, was 2.99 for each. It was just the cheapest they had and I just bought it, full price :( Now I am looking and CVS had BOTH those kinds on sale for cheaper!!! I could have saved another $2. Also, they had razors on sale there too that I had a coupon for. Boooo!!!

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