Monday, January 10, 2011

A few things ...

and more to come

Lysol Healthy Touch Hand Soap System 8.5oz $11.99
-$3 off coupon in yesterday's paper.
-$7 register reward (this will print on your ticket, and you'll have to use it on your next purchase--you can turn around and use it on anything you like. The only catch is that if you turn around and use it on this same hand system, it won't print you out a reward of $7 again. You can do a separated transaction for the 11.99 again, and get an additional $7 though, and you can also put those two $7 register rewards on the same transaction as well--does that make sense?

But basically, it's like getting these for 1.99!!!!
I went to one walgreens and bought 1, and another walgreens and bought a 2nd one.

Also, Rite Aid has Special K (their regular price is $4.79) on sale b1g1 free, and if you go to Special K's website and sign up for their weight loss challenge, it will let you print up to 2 coupons each for a B1G1 free deal-up to the price of $4.49. So if you go to Rite aid and use your wellness card, the coupons actually cancel eachother out. All you have to pay is the .30 cents that their regular price is over the coupon, and tax. I walked out of the store with 2 boxes of cereal for .64 out of pocket, oh and $1 off my next So I *made* money by buying them hahahaha I love it!!

more later...

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