Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Superlo foods Grand Opening! Plus Aldi and Save-a-lot!!!

So, the new Superlo Foods has been open for a few weeks now, but they are still advertising their Grand Opening Sale. I was scanning through the ad this morning, and noticed some SPECTACULAR (in my humble opinion) prices. I have yet to shop there, as it's a good 25-30 minutes away from me. However, I will be making the trip this week, for sure, as the prices on the front page of the ad are too good to pass up.

One of the things I forget to tell people, when they ask me for advice on couponing, is how to read the ad. Don't always assume the advertised "sale" prices is the best price, or even a good one. I have to scan all the local ads, to compare, and some places may have the same products as "on sale" but there is a much lower price elsewhere (as you will see below with the strawberries, there is a difference between the two lowest price stores by 20 cents! Also remember that most grocery stores do not price mat. Once you have been watching the various sales for a few weeks, you will start to see patterns emerge. You will learn what things go on sale and how often. You will also learn what the rock bottom price is, what your stock up price is, and what you max. buying price is. The difference would be this: you might be willing to pay a little more, to an extent, if you are completely out of a product that you just have to have. Then again, when you find a pretty good price that you don't see as often, that would be the time to stock up if you are getting low. And then, when it hits that rock bottom price, many times it is free or pennies on the dollar compared to the regular retail price normally is, you might buy it even if you have plenty-to store for later or to donate!

So without further ado, here are my favorite picks, from this week's Superlo ad, that I will be buying!

SuperLo Foods
*Whole boneless pork loin $1.79/lb **BEST PRICE**(I just paid $2.29/lb at Kroger the other day and that was a decent deal, this is even better than that!)

Ground Chuck, 80% lean, Certified Angus beef $2.49 **BEST PRICE** Sidenote: If you are like me, you are looking to get away from the whole "pink slime" meat. I have found a website online that lists some stores that sell "pink-slime free" in several stores. I cannot speak for Superlo Foods, but I have sent them an email to find out for my self, if this beef is free of it.

Boneless Skinless Chicken breast, (frozen) $1.49/lb **BEST PRICE** Sidenote: My buying point for B/S chicken breast @Kroger is $1.99/lb, which is their on-sale price. This is even better than that, so I would say Stock up!!!

King Cotton sliced Bacon, 3lb pkg. $7.99 **VERY GOOD PRICE** This is less than $3/lb which you can regularly find cheap store bacon for that price, I would say if you use bacon a lot (we use turkey bacon)You might buy a package or two to save $$.

SuperLo Produce

8 oz pkg whole fresh mushrooms, $.99
1 lb bag mini peeled carrots, $.99
10 lb bag red potatoes, $1.99 **BEST PRICE**
1 lb pkg Strawberries, $.99 (see Aldi's ad below, $.79)
1 Cantalope, $.99
Broccoli, $.99

Other great sale prices:

Hunts Ketchup $.78
Nabisco Chips Ahoy $1.78
Sunny D, $1 (We don't drink this, but if you do, I think there are $.50/1 coupons out there.)
Kraft BBQ Sauce, $.68
Honeysuckle White fresh sliced turkey from Deli, $3.99/lb!!! **BEST PRICE**

ALDI ad:
Fresh Produce
Strawberries, 1lb $.79 **Best price**
Cantaloupe, $.99
Anjou Pears, $.89
Naval Oranges, 4lb bag $1.29
Grapes, 1lb, $.79
Pineapple, $.99

Other good deals:

Fresh split (bone in kind) Chicken breast $.89/lb **BEST PRICE**

Fresh whole fryers (to roast or bake a whole chicken) $.79/lb **VERY GOOD PRICE**

Butter, 1lb $1.99 **BEST PRICE** (at kroger this is normally about $3)

Also, they have some good prices of various types of hams:Spiral Sliced, cooked, raw, etc. Spiral sliced hams look to be $1.69-$1.99/lb, and the raw hams look to be $1.19-$1.39/lb. If you are planning on buying one for Easter, you might check them out to see if it's what you are looking for. :D

Save A Lot deals
Note: It will not pull up our local Save-A-Lot weekly ad this week, so I am going by the Arkansas ad, which is the closest to us. I would imagine it is nearly the same, but don't quote me on these prices, as it isn't our specific ad, and sometimes they vary slightly.

Green cabbage, $.25/lb

Yellow onions, 3lb bag $.99

Refridgerated Shredded Hashbrowns, 14 oz bag (these are much easier to use than shredding your own like I have been doing and great if you are making breakfast for dinner) $1

Fresh, Whole Roasting Chicken $.89 (see Aldi Ad, $.79)

2lb bag of carrots (these are the raw, uncut full size carrots) $.99 Pillsbury Buttermilk Biscuits, $.50 a can

Blue Bonnet Margarine, $.69

Kraft Shredded cheese, $2 **BEST PRICE** Also, there have been printable coupons available for Kraft cheese, so be on the lookout for mfr coupons and printables in your binder.

Hams: Raw, bone in, $.99-$1.19/lb

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